Thursday, December 22, 2011

In which I get a proposal

I got this love letter this morning:

To my darling Ginger,

You are the sugar in my tea, the baby wen dey make my heart beat pu pu pu. If I no fit tell you korokoro eye make I put am in writing you this letter.
I look you every day you walk through our yard. Na wa ooh my  tongue dey always hang out. So now that you know will you marry me? I will make a good husband and you the mother of our plenty children. I see you have the back for it.

Your handsome loving man(husband)

Chidioke  Bigman*

Always look back when I dey whistle to call you na

Toinlicious, what do you have to say?

#Update on Kat

The late Kat actually left a suicide note in which she bid adieu to her family and friends and all who have met and loved her. She tried to explain that she has always had this darkness engulfing her and had tried so hard to escape it but couldn’t and at this point was unable to fight it anymore. I guess this is depression with a capital D!
I will still reiterate this ‘May her soul now find the peace that eluded her on earth, Amen. And may we be better shepherds Amen. And if you can..try and think generous thoughts  about her.

Some of the contents of Michael Jackson’s home sold at an auction raked in over $1,000,000. Three times their original cost. Apart from inflation, I trust that his die fans will be willing to fork over their last savings to get their hands on his bits and pieces!
Wonder if this is to settle his debts or because the family are digging for gold.
Anyway, me I want his wig!!! I'm sure its Peruvian.

RIP Kim Jong IL
This hasn’t been a good year for sit-tight leaders (sadhappyface) But while I was expecting dancing in the streets .. like what happened when Abacha died, I saw a nation in deep mourning for Kim Jong.
Emotions so intensely expressed that it had me rotflol. Believe me I was almost ready to bet with a friend that these were professional mourners hired to make     the guy look good. You see I had bought into the Western media’s propaganda which told me the deceased was a tyrant and reviled by his people who were in bondage. Maybe he was but his people ‘adored’ him in spite of his excesses it seems or like someone commented “I think the people are genuinely in mourning. He is their religion”.
I think the face of the guy with a red scarf was photo-shopped
I think my second shocker was seeing such intense emotion on East Asian faces. Korea and neighbours China and Japan are known to have deadpan expressions. So it was just strange to see men and women dancing and throwing themselves on the ground ‘African stylee’. #StereotypeFail.
As for the successor to the North Korean throne, Jong-un, can he please lay off the doughnuts plss.


A group of unemployed local musicians in South Africa have joined forces to release a Christmas single, entitled ‘Yes we do,’ in response to the Bob Geldof inspired Band Aid song, ‘Do they know it’s Christmas?’ Speaking at the launch of their song, the composer and singer Boomtown Gundane praised Geldof’s relentless quest for an answer and said they hoped their collaboration would free the Irishman and his friends to start looking for solutions to new and more important questions.

“Like, Do they know about climate change in America? Or did Kim Jong-il have time to write down the abort codes for the nukes before he died? (very important question I must say lol).
He said despite the poverty and hunger that had inspired Geldof and his friends to create the song back in 1984, Africans had developed their own ways to remember Christmas.

‘Just because we don’t have Boney M or Christmas advertising in September doesn’t mean we are oblivious to it,’ said Gundane. Proceeds will go towards teaching discipline, literacy and contraception at British schools. Touche Gundane!! LOL.


  1. Touche indeed, lol... I heard that full lyrics of that song for the first time while in the UK and it was for a children's charity xmas event I was helping organize. I was like huh? Anyway, I guess Geldorf and co meant well.

    I heard on the radio that after the father of Kim Jong died in 94, there was witch hunting of those who didn't publicly cry so now the citizens know better. Of course, this may be more of the propaganda?

    BTW, who wrote that love letter? You better marry him o, LWKMD!

  2. Toin got nothing on you o jare.* this letter is a joke, right?* I also thought the people mourned too much and the guy with the red scarf was definitely photo-shopped

  3. Bigman hum? I guess u would be Mrs. Bigman or just Bigwoman? lol.

  4. How did the guy get your email/postal address?


  5. Shall we start hunting for a new babariga then?

  6. I believe that should be the first time I see Asians showing facial emotions. I remember the FIFA World Cup...these guys clap together like robots.

  7. That guy has the coolest chat-up lines ever. You must marry him o.

    Sad about Kat. She just couldn't cope any more. May her soul RIP.

  8. LOL at the photoshopped guy! I want his wig too! And of course his thriller jacket. But i want my money a lot more so they can stay where they are lol.

    Babe! If that love letter is real then berra run LMAO!!!

    Happy holidays hon

    Muse Origins
    Muse Origins FB

  9. Heavens to Betsy, Ginger, you are covering a lot of stuff. Now are you going to marry that big guy or not?

  10. Just so you know, in that country YOU'D BETTER be mourning when cameras are on you. It's policy and noth*ing to do with how the man was 'loved'. Yes some tears were real but I'll wager most were not.
    (My boy included the asterisk. It stays).

  11. I saw the clips on local naija station and I was confused. Even when my dad died, I dont think my mouth as dat disfigured. Funny people sha

  12. Make sure you always look back when Bigman dey whistle to call you, you hear. LMAO.

  13. Lol it's obvious i've been away from here for a long time! how are you love? :*
    irst who is kat?? :(
    2011 has definitely been the worst year for sit-tight leaders. It's like an other-worldly force just decided to deal with them lol.
    Is that letter a joke though?lol

  14. lol. So will you marry him?

    I hope Kat rests in peace. It's painful sha...

    It really hasn't been a good year for dictators...shows that change is coming soon (i hope)

    Merry Christmas dear and enjoy the New year ahead. have a pleasant 2012

  15. Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2012.

  16. I read the entire post. So sad to read about the suicide. Yeah, that must have been some horrible feelings to have taken her own life, but I would never presume to judge another. As for the "mourners," I couldn't take my eyes off of buddy with the red scarf. He can't even be a real person, can he?
    And congratulations on your engagement (teehee!)I think the same guy proposed to me last month. I think his English has gotten a bit better :)

  17. I'm getting a new suit for your wedding Ginger!

  18. buahahaha....Ginger when is the wedding? Mrs Ginger Bigman. So sad to hear about Kat's suicide.....hmmmm,the extent of depression

  19. May Kat's soul rest in peace...that is so depression with a Double capital D.

    I think the western media is responsible for most of the revolutions of the year. They paint the Leader as the devil's incarnate and they we all go gaga point fingers.

    Abeg, when is the wedding and biko don't let the aso-ebi be too expensive

    Happy New Year in advance

  20. This is the best news update I've had all week! I love your love letter...did you say yes?

  21. Lmao@Mr Bigman. Babe u r smoking hawt & I dint even have to send d cream lol. Ginger luv, I got norring more to say to d proposal than "pls can I give d toast @d wedding" hehehe *now googling wedding websites* @least u know my stand on Aso Ebi things bt I can do 20k for u sha as per my paddy.
    I hope Kat's soul finds peace. Soo tired of young pple dying. Too many died dis year. Happy holidays sweetie

  22. Bydway, still lmao@MJ's Peruvian wig

  23. That's quite a love letter. You didn't tell us if you gave your approval? :)

  24. Ginger Bigman! You're too much jare. I'm getting to your blog later than usual I see. I guess congratulations are in order. Lol. Sad about the Kat story. May we never experience such darkness by His grace. As for the mourners, my thoughts are that them no born them well make them no mourn. Anybody caught snoozing and not mourning will probably be publicly flogged before being beheaded. Because for someone wey no be your papa, this na over sabi.



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