Monday, January 23, 2012

Dream Interpreter needed

I didn’t realise how recent news from Nigeria had eaten into my psyche till I had two vividly graphic and violent dreams two consecutive nights last week.

When you think of a creek/fishing community..what scenery comes to mind? Lush Green vegetation, fish, fresh water reflecting the trees, fishing vessels, hamlets and small time fish industries right?

That’s not what you find in Bodo creek, Ogoniland.

Earlier on Wednesday evening, I came across a video review by Amnesty International about Bodo creek, Bayelsa since the 2008 Oil Spill by SHELL.
Photograph courtesy George Esiri/EPA/
Shell’s spill has turned Bodo into a black and desolate wasteland and as usual the stakeholders (ward heads, local government councilors, governor, senators except the community directly involved) look away and pretend it isn’t their business. Where is Atedo Peterside who is lauding the good-work of their son - our President? I am sure the Bodo community share his joy in their elected son who has refused to put pressure on Shell to clear up their mess and compensate the 69,000 people who have lost their livelihood, water source and food. BP oil spill (5 million gallons) was cleaned up in months but in Bodo Creek, 4 years after nothing has been done.
Moreover it seems there is a new spill now. This report says that between December 20th and 21st 2011, oil spewed from a ruptured fuel line connecting the Bonga platform to a waiting tanker. Before workers noticed the spill (how irresponsible), Shell said that up to 40,000 barrels (1.68 million gallons) had leaked, reportedly making it the worst offshore accident in Nigeria since 1988.
Can you calculate the crude oil waste and the ecological damage? Read more here and here. This is the video where Saraki threatens to use the Senate might to see that Shell cleans up. Yes he sounds very serious, I can see Shell quaking in their boots. Another wait and see?
On to the dreams...


I was an onlooker watching two fishermen vie for speed supremacy on the creek waters. A sort of creek rage (akin to road rage) led to one of them ramming into the other and damaging the boat’s body. Then entered some militant looking men, who wade across to the victorious boat and drag the boatman out. The gorge out his arm using a knife, scooped the oily black water and poured it into the bloody hole. Graphic much! Then I woke up.


I was in some camp (which looked exactly like my dormitory in secondary school) when we came under attack from Boko Haram (the terrorist group throwing bombs in Nigeria). They hadn’t entered the dorm yet. My mom was in the next room asking everyone to come together and pray our last prayers that our deaths will be quick. I told her that I refuse to give up my life so easily. My bff and I considered going across to ask an elderly man occupying the room across the courtyard to pretend we were his wives but I said it would be dangerous for my fair friend who didn’t look Hausa. Then we decided to take our fate into our hands and fight. All of a sudden machine guns materialized n our laps.

I woke up so pepped with energy cause in my dreams we were making mincemeat of the terrorists Rambo styleeee…lol. Alas it was all a dream.


  1. That first dream will haunt me now. Thank you so much Ginger! LOL

  2. OMG Girllllllll.....what have you been watching, or better still what have you been thinking about? Cheiii, it's bedtime for me and I am afraid to fall asleep :(

  3., I know this is serious, but your dreams are making me laugh.

    Okay on a serious note,
    IDK what to write. As much as I hate the "let's pray for Nigeria" line, I guess it's all I can do at this point.

    Hmm... now I'm thinking of your dreams... na wa o. I hope Naija isn't about have some sort of war. That would be a disaster.

  4. Hmm...

    I dreamt about the situation in Nigeria this morning too, but nothing as graphic as yours. I worked in an Abuja Bank and I heard and saw some corrupt goings on. In the past weeks I've fervently wished I had some kind of evidence so I can speak out. In my dream, there was that one document I had to find and I was so fraught. Woke up drained.

    Naija is definitely on my mind. That's all it is.

  5. These your dreams na wa o! It shows your heart is deeply rooted in your country's current state...
    I guess God is just constantly reminding you to pray for Nigeria. God will see our nation through in Jesus' name.

    - LDP

  6. These dreams are a bit scary o! but since God reveals to redeem, I believe he wants you to remember Nigeria in your prayers just like LE DYNAMIQUE PROFESSEUR said. It is well and things can only get better. *hugs*

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  8. Na wa for your dream oo. Lets just assume that the interpretation is that you will be one of the people to fight for the right of Nigerians.

    As for the shell issue... If/when they pay, will the money get into the hands of the right people? The thing is that some Nigerians like to deprive their fellow brothers just because of greed.

  9. I agree with Adura
    The scariest dreams are those that come from nowhere

    My hubby once had a dream about three generals burying a senior military official

    He woke up confused.....

    Two months later, his dad passed away suddenly....and my hubby - and his two brothers - organised the burial (The three generals he saw in his dream).......Spooky!!!

  10. Those are scary dreams oo. LOL @ you being a rambo styled fighter. I think it has to be as a result of what you have been hearing/watching. The whole Boko Haram thing and all. You keep praying for our beloved country Nigeria and watch how God will soo surprise the enemies of this nation. They should just wait and see. It won't be long anymore, people have been crying to God and His judgement is near.

  11. As someone who grew up in Port Harcourt, I'm very familiar with how oil spillage has destroyed communities in those parts. The truth is that the oil companies will continue to get away with murder until our governments start taking their regulatory duties very seriously. The truth is that they won't because of the all too familiar corruption is endemic in government agencies.

    Regarding your dreams, if you're anything like myself, don't read too much into them, you've probably been thinking a lot about Nigeria. And that shows you really care and passionate about your country.

  12. Lol@ making mincemeat of the terrorists Rambo styleeee. Nigeria ti suwa o

  13. When we love our country, we hate to see her desecrated by evil people with selfish agendas. I pray things will calm down.

  14. Nigeria is definitely on your mind. A part of your second dream happened to me in real life. When I was in secondary school, I experienced a religious riot and it wasnt funny. We had a catholic church in front of our school and the muslims came to set fire on the church one friday. They killed the priest who was also in the church. They tried to come into our school to attack us. We were all really scared and everyone was praying. In my real life story we didnt fight anyone Rambo style and our principal was able to get some army guys to come guard us till the whole saga ended. Ofcourse parents came to get their kids out of the school. May God help our country.

  15. I do like the ending of the second dream though. May it be so, or at least they should destroy themselves in the process.



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