Thursday, January 5, 2012

GEJ Presidential Palace Subsidy Must End: Nigerian Bloggers' Protest

“The arguments being advanced to justify the proposed full deregulation do not make sense. All the arguments have a ring of deja vu.
The so-called complete deregulation of the downstream sector and the removal of subsidy may seem like a purely economic policy decision, but it is so tied to larger Nigerian questions that it ought to be more rigorously debated, and government should make haste slowly.
The regime is corruption-ridden, it is badly managed. There is no indication that a complete deregulation regime will be better managed. The problem is not one of form, but leadership”.
These were the words of Reuben Abati (a former activist/writer turned Government apologist) in 2009 when a similar fuel subsidy removal was proposed.
Three years after, the same arguments are being repeated by Goodluck Jonathan’s government. 

According to The Economist  
“The president will be a brave man if he fulfills his promise to end cheap petrol”.
I disagree.
GEJ will be a brave man if he tackles
Rebuilding the 4 moribound refineries which has failed other governments,
Similarly improving power supply to the nation  
Investigating NNPC, its leakages, inflations and over-estimations
Passing a bill which makes corruption a criminal offence punishable by 14 years imprisonment
Cutting down the wages of government officials
Cutting down HIS personal and house maintenance budget.
And need I mention catching the fiends that go by the name Boko Haram who have made Nigeria a name now synonymous with terrorism.


Albert Einstein quotes “We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

Fuel subsidy is the solution of a lazy and inept government. It is the coward’s way out.
Do the needful, resolve these highlighted issues and come 2014 if your government seeks to ‘remove subsidy’ the people of Nigeria will support you. But not now.
A good friend of mine Wale quoted, “The amount of our collective resources you squander on a daily basis is more than sufficient to begin to rectify the problem and restore our faith in you. When we see you curb your gluttony and become more accountable, we will be more open to what sacrifice you are trying to extricate from us”.
P.S. It irks me to hear/see our politicians and reporters from the West tout the phrase ‘Nigeria’s cheap petrol’…I don’t know where they get that idea from. What is cheap about our petrol? Take a look at this graph and tell me how petrol is affordable to the common man?
Fuel is a constant in the budget of an average Nigerian and Nigerian business owner…and we are not talking of transport. Nigerians depend on refined fuel 100%. Fuel is a public utility.

P.P.S. I have seen the derisive sneer with which online activism is regarded by many in Nigeria. Pls dear blogger let that not deter you. Be counted. Let your voice be heard! 
The sin of silence when they should protest makes cowards of men." Abraham Lincoln

What You can do
 For a week starting from today, all Nigerian bloggers and other interested parties are enjoined to:

1. Do a similar post of your own on your blog using the title "GEJ Presidential Palace Subsidy Must End: Nigerian Bloggers' Protest"
2. Add the pic/tabled diagram in this post
3. Publish your post today or latest by tomorrow
4. Please allow for seven days on your blog or place in a prime position on your blog for seven days.
5. You can still play your part as a non-blogger: share on facebook, twitter and other relevant social media. 
6. Journalists, use your media space.
7. If you've done a post or published elsewhere online, please leave a link at Naijalines. Thanks.

Protest initiated by 9jaFoodie, Naijalines.
Picture from Azeenarh


  1. Thanks for joining in the protest Ginger, it's been very interesting seeing how brilliant Nigerians are. Our government needs to realized that we are not fools,In order to move the nation forward, we need to start from the top. All countries go through tough times, but again, leaders actually cut personal costs to help the nation, our leaders are eating FAT while the average man suffers.

    1. 9jaFoodie, you started it all. Wasnt it just awesome the way that presidential budget made the rounds on social media? I think it really helped to set things in motion.
      FAT no be small thing, and our money will stay pay for their hospital bills and stomach stapling surgeries. mscheew!

  2. Great work Ginger! I love that quote by Albert Einstein, "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” | Very true!

    Only God can deliver us from the hands of our ruthless leaders!

    Happy New Year dear.

    - LDP

    1. Yes only God, but we have to let him use our physical beings..not cower in fear in our homes.

  3. Brilliant post, Ginger. 'Really appreciate your joining the campaign, sista. Thank you. Our voices would not be raised in vain.

    Charity begins at home so GEJ should start with himself.

    I feel you on:
    "I have seen the derisive sneer with which online activism is regarded by many in Nigeria. Pls dear blogger let that not deter you. Be counted. Let your voice be heard!"

    Here's hoping some bloggers out there hear this and do what is necessary to get their voices heard. Online activism goes a long way as our voices are heard all over the world - with just a few clicks on a phone or computer keyboard. We've seen what social media did for Egypt and Libya.

    "The sin of silence when they should protest makes cowards of men." Abraham Lincoln

    The Lincoln quote is spot on too! Nigerians claim they want change but the "language" and "action" of change is one they do not appear to speak! I cannot shout. We've done our bit and did good! Let others follow suit. God bless you, sista.

    1. Thank you Adurah. Over the past one year i have more and more come to appreciate the power of the internet and writing. long may it last!

  4. Loving the GEJ cartoon too. Captures what needs to be said brilliantly.

  5. Great post! And the cartoon is on point too though i think there should be lobsters in that picture because i cannot imagine what else will warrant N1bn food allocation.

    1. Lobsters, Almas caviar, Yubari melons, Matsutake mushrooms, Wagyu steak

      If he eats those daily, maybe, 1bn can be exhausted within 6 months

  6. Very brilliant post indeed. As for me, I no get time to talk too much. I want one and only one thing.... JONATHAN OUT.

    As long as he is there, only God can make us go forward in Nigeria

    1. I want Jonathan out too but the thing is, who next? Mallam Sambo? that will be out of the frying pan into hell fire.

  7. Well written piece that provides a strong argument against subsidy removal. I don't believe God will come down to sort out our problems, we all need to take responsbilty and take action. I've added my voice on my blog and if more of us do the same, then the impact might be felt strongly.

  8. the story of my life is the story of Nigeria.We all must do what we can to make our country achieve its true potentials.

    Thats not all i have to say but it should suffice.I have been in hospital since the night of the 4th(malaria in the medula oblongata) and had to force my younger brother to bring my laptop so i could stay connected. I am better now though i have been told to take it easy on the thought process. Maybe....

  9. Good one Ginger. We aint taking bullcrap from these pple anymore. Wat makes me soo effing mad is d idea dat we'll just roll over & continue taking crap. Soooo many billions already gone down d drain for several power projects and we got nothing to show for it, not even 1 week uninterrupted power supply and all of a sudden, this subsidy removal shuld 'save' Nigeria from ruin? & d citizens are supposed to suffer cos our freaking stupido govt is incompetent? & our dear president expects us to trust his vague promises?! R des pple kidding?!

  10. Whoa! Ginger, I don't know the situations you are speaking of, but I do know you are very good at putting your ideas and thoughts out there! That's my girl! Love, Mom.

  11. Dearie. As usual, your writing is on point. I am totally with you on this one. I can't believe the Economist says our fuel is cheap. Unbelievable O_o Do they know what they're saying? THought they used fact to write their articles *rolling eyes*

    And Jonathan would be a brave man if he brought the corrupt fuel dealers into book and reduced legislators etc's expenses. Hissssssss

    Muse Origins

  12. Done! In my own way. Thanks to 9jafoodieand naijalines for starting it and bloggers like you who carried it out....The strike continues.....

    Ever considered subsidy, imf, sap, worldbank via okonjo and gej as a puppet angle? read-> long read tho ->

  13. I'm back again, Missy! 'Inviting your cool self to contribute your unique voice to part two of our bloggers protest. This time, we're focusing on the wider campaign of "Occupy Nigeria", in solidarity with our brothers and sisters back home. Please see my blog for details. It's pretty much a free format and no time limit. I'd however wish for our titles to be the same: Occupy nigeria: Nigerian Bloggers Protest Part Two. However, feel free to put your spin on it. Thank you for your support. It is greatly appreciated.

  14. Late but please read



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