Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I've been Google Plused :/

One of the times I wish i had a Twitter account so i can rant in short sentences. 

1. Why is Google forcing us to use Google+. Google friend Connect for blogging and Facebook were perfectly alright for me..till blogging starts paying I can't afford to spend more time on social media than I do right now.

2. I don't get the circles thing joo. Well I do sort of (I understand sets and subsets from those Maths days). Some people are strictly friends, some can be friends and following, Some friend and family, Some friend, following and family. Just that its tiresome. Feel like making friends all over again.
Google+ can never become another Facebook or Twitter. Yeah I said it and I am ready to swallow my words with a glass of bitter lemon if it does.

3. Google+ interface is weird or should i say not attractive or maybe Zuckerberg has got us all Faceblued. Google you can't afford to be slow with your changes like you are on Blogger. See, it took you almost 3 yrs to introduce threaded comments. Enough said.

Notwithstanding, I still love Google. Imagine if we all had to pay for the awesome services they give for free. Eg. Gmail -  I use Outlook on my laptop and with Gmail which pulls mail (sort of what a blackberry does) so i can work on my mail online or offline. Yahoo requires you to subscribe and pay for that service.

Google docs - I used the free Survey software to do my thesis. Thankfully a friend recommended it before i spent 28 pounds for the same service on Survey Monkey. Moreover they offer you some large gigabyte of space to store your documents..all for free.

Picasa - Stores all my pics 
Blogger - Blogger just keeps getting better and better. True. They really listen 

So here I am saying Thank you Google. You are the Pied piper, I am the mouse. where you go, I follow :)

Meanwhile Where are you all? Can you write your handle on Google+ so I can follow or befriend, or familia-rise, whatever you want.

Update it seems it's not yet compulsory to use Google + but i heard the Google connect thingy is closing and when i clicked on someone's blogger profile it took me straight to Google+. I have since realised hers was a random case but yeah I am on Google plus now anyways.


  1. You just dey know? LOL
    Sincerely, I don't yet like google plus. The interface still seem very premature to me. I think it may end up like the Google Buzz that was never successful. You know, its not an original idea, they are only trying to compete with facebook and twitter and those ones are already established as to what they're known for.
    When google brings in something original, I bet it'd succeed but trying to face out Facebook that has all our faces already or Twitter, with all of our voices; I doubt!

    Anyway, I dey google plus sha -

    Hopefully you'll find me using that. If not, type Samuel Ekundayo on google jor. lol

    - LDP

  2. lol..........i cant understand it too. i have an account and that is all i know, i dunno the username or anything...facebook and twitter is more than enough. i think they should just stick to the blogger thing, im not a fan of the plus thing................yet

    1. so i looked for it:

  3. Na wa oo, I have never really taken this google + thing serious and dont really know much about it. The way describe it makes it seem complicated.

  4. Google + again. It took me forever to agree to get on twitter. It looked soooooo complicated and finally i'm there so i'm not looking to get into another social platform. I kent. I don't have the energy. Come to think of it. Google is trying sha

  5. The google plus just looks ridiculous to me and nobody come there at all

    I am not sure if I will come up in the search but here is my link

  6. I don't do Facebook or Twitter never mind Google+. It's hard enough keeping up with blogging with a full time demanding job and family. To join any other social networking will just be asking for trouble, so no thanks to Google+.

    Thanks Ginger for the flyer you've put up on your blog to promote my 'Give a book, save our future' campaign. Much appreciated.

  7. Google +? I am still struggling with blogger, where will I get the time to go +?

  8. So blogger is forcing y'all to use google+ lool, i tried checking it out once and it just looked so weird and basic so i ran away :)
    You should join twitter boo boo!

  9. Not that I use Google Plus, but if I were to, my profile URL would be:

  10. Friend connect remains for blogger, and bloggers can chose which profile to use, either G+ or blogger profile. But yeah, I've been googlelized too, you should see the number of emails I got when they revised their policies recently - youtube, feedburner, blogger, email, G+, picasa, etc...

  11. Well I am also a fan of Google just like you but I have something to say that is Google is not Pied piping on me because there are lots of other things that are helpful for me but Google is not facilitating me with those services. Yet I love Google more than any other website because it is a bunch of all facilities I get from other websites.

  12. I am also not into this G+ thing joor. I already have enough social media accounts to take my time away. I am really not ready to add to the distractions and time-eaters.



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