Friday, March 30, 2012

Till death do us part: Saint Kevin strikes back

So on Facebook, a well meaning female lawyer and probably close family member makes a case for crowning Kevin the Saint of husbands (click here)
The letter is as verbose as the other but it further sheds a little more light on the Onuchukwu home. (To her credit, she did not cast any smear on the late woman).

I summarized the salient points below:

1.       Ogochukwu suffers from endometriosis of the lungs. (Endometriosis is a gynecological medical condition in which cells from the lining of the uterus/womb appear and flourish outside the womb, most commonly on the ovaries. Sometimes the cells can pass through the blood to other organs. In Ogochukwu’s case they grew in her lungs – a rare complication)
2.       St Kevin knew about her ill-health prior to their marriage but because he loved her, he still went ahead (though she should have been considered to be damaged goods)
3.       He spent over 80m in their 12 years of marriage maintaining her health.
4.       He provided her with nannies, state of the art cars, drivers so she could live a pampered existence.
5.       He never raised his hand at her.
6.       Her mother in law worshipped the ground she walked on.
7.       Though friends and family had tired of Ogo’s ill health and childlessness, Kevin faithfully stood by her.
8.       A doctor had suggested that the removal of Ogochukwu’s ovaries would improve her health but the husband said No. His faith was later justified as they went on to have 2 kids after 7 years of childlessness.
9.       Kevin loved his kids and provided well for them.
10.   He did not attend his daughter’s christening cause he had to go away on business not cause he rejected the child.
11.   His wife’s car is unsold and still parked in their home.
12.   The letter and info on the Ogorip website are false and baseless and Ogochukwu had no input to them. The individuals that sponsored these false / fabricated website publications are hiding under the name of late Ogochukwu to cause damage to the families.
13.   The individuals were probably Ogochukwu’s sisters who were home breakers and opportunists/gold diggers encouraging her to fleece her husband and disobey him


My View
The families of Ogo and Kevin had no love lost between them.
Ogochukwu’s health was a drag on their dear brother's resources.
Due to her sick status it seems she became a pawn used by both her husband and sisters.
The lawyer’s rebuttal doesn’t necessarily mean that Ogochukwu was not an abused wife. Paying huge medical bills isn’t a sign of love (infact it might be a reason for resentment and anger), nor does providing nannies and a driver. Most middle income Nigerian families can afford help/sssss please.
If a doctor thought ovariectomy would resolve her health issues, why didn’t he let her have the procedure? Isn’t it possible that the subsequent childbirths helped to deteriorate her health faster?

Anyway I’m almost sure there will be a 3rd installment from Ogochukwu’s sisters cause they have been made out to be the villains of the piece.
I doubt I’ll read it whenever it surfaces.

Ogo is at peace now. The rest of them should go hug transformers........ooh wait, don't. We need you alive to care for the kids left behind. 


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  2. Lol@Saint Kevin. I read this earlier and it took everything to make me finish it. It is too long and had so many repetitions. I however wondered how the lawyer knew the exact amount that was getting spent each time when she was only with them for 4years.

    As for Mother in-law worshiping Ogo, Madam Lawyer also mentioned that the mother in-law only visited them 2ce (i don't believe that mostly-living-abroad as excuse)

    IMO: There is no smoke without fire.

    1. 'no smoke without fire' Exactly! A little of things she brushed aside should be taken with a pinch of salt and curry.

  3. The defence was just too long to read joooo. Ahn ahn, So much effort. I tire

  4. I think the case is more complicated than we know. I agree with your summations, there is lots of family bad belle. I just hope the children don't get caught up in it. As for me, I'm done too.

  5. lol @ your concluding sentence.

    It's still a sad story and an even sadder end for ogochukwu, irrespective of the true facts of the case...thanks for the summary - I don't think I could have read the original.

    1. A doctor thought ovariectomy would resolve her health issues, why didn’t he let Cheap Viagra her have the procedure? Isn’t it possible that the subsequent childbirths helped to deteriorate her health faster?

  6. There is always three sides to a story, your side, my side and the truth! In this case, i wonder what actually is the truth! The sad part is Ogo is not alive to tell her own side even if the husband comes out to say his part. matter how this story finally pans out, I pray Ogo's soul finds rest.

  7. There are only two people who know what went on in the marriage - the husband and late wife.
    Every other person is basing their observations on hearsay and speculation because it is based on what either the husband or wife told them.
    We should all learn from this - marriage is not child's play + there are always warning signs

  8. I concur with NIL. I was so upset when I read the first story but now there are so many allegations. Truth too is, money doesn't buy love and happiness though it sure helps in other things. I've decided not to judge since I don't know the whole story but I am very heavily against DV. People have to be wise and careful before going into marriage. So many people are happy single and others are happy married. Its all about wisdom and being happy with who you are. Not allowing others or society define you

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  10. I took the pain to read the lawyer woman's defense. It was an overkill. Which is quite suspicious innit? Women [and men] should just learn from all these stories everywhere now. Marry someone that loves you as much as you love him/her. Money is good but it definitely won't buy your life. Don't be the martyr. We might not get to know the truth about Ogochukwu's story but there are indeed lessons to be learnt.

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  12. I didnt bother reading the lawyer's part, it was too long and she was working HARD for her money.
    they should all let the poor woman rest biko nu, theres really no point to all these. the lessons are there, for anybody willing to learn

  13. No need to go read any long story from your breakdown, both families were never fans of each other. The woman has gone to rest, they should all go and sleep abeg.

  14. When good internet goes bad, this happens.

  15. Many families don’t even travel home for Xmas any more becos of beliefs that something evil might befall them cos of scheming/jealous kith and kin. The masquerades are also a thing of the past as Christian societies deemed them demonic and urged for their ban. save 50% buying generic drugs



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