Sunday, July 1, 2012

Oba Erediuwa 1: Goodluck 0

So it’s all over the news today that GEJ and his entourage got a snub from Oba Erediuwa when they came to Benin to campaign and mobilize support for the PDP governorship candidate, Gen. Charles Airhiavbere (an ex-millitary man?? Ok.).

Errr, actually, Oba Erediuwa only allowed Goodluck into the inner palace chambers while the other members of the entourage (including the National Chairman of the PDP, Alhaji Bamangar Tukur; Chief Tony Anenih, the governorship candidate, Gen. Charles Airhiavbere, and the state chairman of the party, Chief Dan Orbih) waited outside like small pikins. 



If I am to believe the comments on the article(click here) then it seems our traditional rulers have started treating their titles with the dignity it deserves.
And as for people like this commenter, obviously he hasn’t lost a relation to Boko Haram, or in the recent air crash, or in a GEJ campaign scramble, or to Dame Patience’s grammatical bullets; that is why he still has so much love.

“Nothing can be more disgraceful, disrespectful and insulting, when a host or hostess in a planned visit refuses to welcome one, into his or her house, even when he or she is conspicuously in the house. This was exactly, what the Oba of Benin, Omo'Noba Erediauwa did to the President, Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Goodluck Jonathan and others, when the Oba refused to welcome him and others in the open of his palace. It is a national disgrace and unfortunate too. Time will tell”.

Oya, let’s go there.

Respect: If I am not mistaken, Oba Erediuwa’s title has a longer history than Nigerian presidency and Goodluck himself. He is also much older than him. So yes, he can treat Goodluck as a son first and foremost before he treats him as President - that is African tradition. It was probably the respect for his status that made him allow him in.
Moreover, Goodluck came on a campaign mission not State Visit. He showed courtesy to the Oba by visiting, the Oba returned the courtesy by favouring him with his presence - 5 full minutes of it. Hehehe
Integrity - I heard the Oba has endorsed Oshiomole. So it is good that he showed clearly where his loyalties lie compared to some others we know (side-eye Ohaneze Ndi Igbo) who would play both sides for favour.
Disgraceful/Insulting- Ha! George Bush, a whole POTUS had a shoe thrown at him by a disgruntled citizen. How about Berlusconi?  The US did not destabilise nor did Italy. Nor was the lowly shoe thrower lynched. 
Abeg siddon (sit down).

Now for the rest of Nigerians, I wish we could learn from this Elder and not only keep these no-good governors and senators waiting but pelt them with coconuts when they remember their way home cause they want to campaign for re-election.

p.s. I do agree with the commenter that “time will tell”. If I rejoiced for naught. Naija is of course full of surprises. Yea, time will tell.


  1. The commenter does not have any sense in his head...when did campaigning mission and presidential duties connect together. What exactly is time tell, even if the PDP guy is elected, the OBA cannot be dethroned or removed.

    Nigerians need to start screwing the nuts in their heads to the right places.

    1. Lara, i translated your first line in Yoruba and it is hilarious.

      My response to the commenter: abegi!

  2. Benin is steeped in history and the Oba is seen as all-powerful.
    In recent times, 'modernity' has altered the level of respect accorded the Oba. However, the Bini people generally still feel the Oba is not answerable to anyone
    Politicians come and go. The Bini monarchy is centuries old

  3. Good for him... I found the level of vitriol being aimed at the Oshiomole dude concerning, in spite of how much visible progress has been delivered..

  4. I hope it is for something genuine and not more political gimmickry. Forgive me but I'm getting more cynical of all those old men.

  5. Apparently, Goodluck has forgotten that he's the president of Nigeria, not the president of PDP. Why should he be jumping about, mobilizing support?

  6. I respect the office of president, whether I like the president or not.

  7. This is probably one of the best news I have ever heard as far as politics goes.

    1. too. the man should sit down and do his job. whats his business with Edo's overnorship candidate?

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. If I'm not mistaken, the show thrower was sentenced. But as for the Oba sha, he does NOT play. Ochi atogbuola m o!



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