Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Smile A Day

So I have spent the past 2 hrs laughing my socks off!
I discovered a You tube channel for Improv Everywhere, “a New York City-based prank collective that causes scenes of chaos and joy in public places”.
They are certainly keeping true to their mission statement. Kudos to Charlie Todd, the brain behind it.

My five observations:
#1. You gotta love New Yorkers!! I love their joie de vivre.
#2. There are a lot of jobless people in New York if I dare say. Like, don’t his army of helpers have work to do – you know…paid work?
#3. New  Yorkers remind me a lot, of Nigerians . They can looku looku (stop and stare).
#4. They are also the antithesis of Nigerians in that nothing seems to faze them. Take the Frozen grand Central prank or Invisible dog prank. The former would have incited frantic chanting of “the Blood of Jesus” while the latter, a trip to Yaba Psychiatric ward.
#5. It all seems a bit pointless, till you see the smiles on the faces, after the initial confusion. Then you imagine the stories that would be told at home or among friends. Bless their hearts!

Let me share some of my favourites:
The Invisible dogs prank - even the real dogs were looking a bit confused too..

High Five Escalator: I've watched this 5 times. I still laugh everytime when they get to "ROB"

Frozen Grand Central..I don't know what I'd have done if i was here. Prolly run before whatever disease it is gets to me.

Surprise wedding reception – I’m sure the couple wont forget this ever!!

The quadruplets in the park was amazing. I've never seen EIGHT sets of quadruplets in one  place.

Watch his TED talk where he tells us how it all began. I discovered it after i wrote the post. Seems i am not the only way with observation #2. lol, but he had a wonderful response. 

Check out their website for more pranks. You might even be tempted to join them on one of their missions.


  1. Lol I especially liked the Frozen Grand Central one, followed by the surprise wedding reception! Really nice!

  2. LOL
    I wonder what will happen if these pranks were done in a typical Naija town centre.........LOL
    Thanks for this

    1. I imagine people taking to their heels at the frozen station... Naija people no go wait o!

  3. lol. nice. I liked the last three especially the last

  4. The surprise reception was awesome. As for the frozen station, I would have picked race, oyinbo people self like looku looku no be small.

  5. Surprise reception?! lol | Oyibos are just crazy! Only God knows who came up with that idea. lol

    - LDP

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  7. very funny videos indeed! got me laffing dere....d surprise wedding reception was lovely but I dont think I will like that kind of surprise

  8. LOL I have laughed today!

    It is a really positive movement. The bit at the end whe the guy asked the taxi driver if he allowed dogs make me crack up th emost. The surprise wedding reception was nice with gifts too and rob's high 5.. awwww *sigh* kudos to them.

  9. Omg!!! Loved the videos...never seen anything quite like it... O boy! Those ones that stood froze, if it was me I would have messed it up, scratched my nose or

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. The invisible dogs had me wetting my pants. Okay. I'm old. Anything has me wetting my pants these days. But really! It was damn freakin' funny! And the frozen people! They're all great. Thanks for posting this. I needed a screamer! :)

  12. The funniest has got to be the invisible dogs. Hilarious

  13. The reception at the registry was a boom.
    Chijioke Bigman

  14. hahaha... nice...The wedding was my fav. The random woman dancing @ 3:22 >>>
    Seriously, the people no get work?

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