Sunday, September 16, 2012

Antonyms of A Mirage

Antonyms of a mirage is a collection of poems and drama and prose written by the multipersona-ed Atilola Moronfolu.
The title tagline is a question, "What does reality mean to you?"  Based on her narratives, I will answer ‘looking beyond the superficial’. She alludes to this in poems like ‘The family portrait’ ‘film trick’ and ‘Do you know’.

I could relate to most of her writings; I have lived in an Akanni-like street before, I have encountered ‘fire and brimstone preachers’ and ‘Lagos beggars’. 
I could appreciate the interview with Corrupy, the monster we have allowed to terrorise our land, and bear fruit in the characters of the story 'In my pocket'. Atilola believes that love is the the panacea to Corrupy's ills....I agree (I also think zero tolerance and an accompanying death sentence would help greatly)

There were also funny ones. The prayer of mediocrity. Hear this young bride to be pray, "Lord you understand Dipo’s weaknesses. You know that he has a fragile heart and sometimes lashes out by hitting me……Lord I ask that by the time we are married and he decides to hit  me, it will be something bearable". get what you ask for Woman!!

The opinionated one illuminates the thoughts of the author on life and relationships while the last chapter is a collection of personal anecdotes about the author’s talkativeness, her lion-killer daddy and her antics as a young Sisi dodging the advances of a sugar daddy.

All in all a wistful yet amusing read which will make the reader pause and think, disagree, agree but never stay indifferent.

Thumbs up Atilola and I hope there is more where this came from!


  1. That prayer of mediocrity kills me every time. I mean, what the actual hell!!!

  2. Awww, thanks for this. Of course, there is more.

  3. Ginger help me scan and email nau :D



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