Monday, November 19, 2012

Re to Prism: Should A Man of God Own a Private Jet?

I was jejely trying to do my blog rounds this morning (that was Sunday morning) before mass then thanks to Prism, I watched this video survey where random Nigerians where being asked about the appropriateness of a pastor owning a private jet’ and I just had to stop mid hop to write this as Prism didnt enable comments on the post. Don't blame you love.

My conclusion…’We Nigerians deserve the leadership we have’!!

Now let me tell you about a more or less popular figure. The Pope: Vicar of the Catholic Church, also the Head of government of a sovereign state…you know, Rome (not Canaan land, not Dominion City).

Prof referred me to the link (here) about the Pope’s 4 day state visit to Edinburgh 2 years ago. Yes, the news is old but I am sure the circumstances of the Pope hasn’t changed.

The Pope flew to Edinburgh in an Alitalia aircraft which was set aside from normal scheduled passenger operations because the Vatican does not own and operate a jet exclusively for the Pope’s foreign travel!! 
Furthermore, the aircraft is flown by regular Alitalia pilots and cabin crew (not SS agents) and unlike Air Force One, the official aircraft of the President of the United States, the Pope’s plane is not kitted out with any special facilities such as an office or a bar. Instead, the Pontiff gets a row to himself at the front of the aircraft, with the most senior officials from the Vatican Secretariat of seated in the rows directly behind.
On his return trip from state visits, the Pope usually flies on the airline of the country he is visiting.
Remember this is a persona that will be received by heads of State and other important dignitaries. 
This is a persona that tens/hundreds of thousands of Catholic faithful will happily leave their work to line up the streets and wave to/at. Not because they are expecting him to wrought miracles or breakthroughs....No! just because of who he is. 

Now kindly answer the following questions from Prof. Thank you!

Which do you think is the most important reason why the pope, the head of state and head of government of a sovereign state, owns NO PRIVATE JET?

A. The Vatican can't afford one. 

B. Europe is in a deep financial crisis - (you remember the economic meltdown that started in 2008 and which hit every country in the world except Nigeria? Yes, that one!)

C. Vatican city residents are too poor/stingy to sow the seed of 'exclusive extra-terrestrial mobility' :)  
Note: per capita income in the Vatican is about $452,784; Nigeria's per capita income is $2,748).

D. Citizens of Italy and the Vatican know what is necessary and what is not.

E. None of the above.

Thank you Prof for the link and Poll Questions. 

Over to you Blogfam....


  1. My mouth was mostly open when i saw that video o. I can't even deal

    1. I couldnt finish it. I was just so mad.
      Please you gotta deal. It's your country!

  2. "My conclusion…’We Nigerians deserve the leadership we have’!!"

    I came to a similar conclusion after I watched the video. The first words that rang in my head was "WE THE PEOPLE." I think Nigerians haven't yet realized the extent of the power we possess as a group, neither do we are understand that we can effect change simply by raising the standard and demanding MORE from anyone who identifies as a leader.

    Now as for your poll question, I'm not sure about the answer, but I'm leaning towards D or E.. hehehe.

    1. Thinking like 'my Country men' I picked option B sef. lol
      But practically thinking, how can a congregation show their disapproval in a Nigerian context?

  3. My choice is D
    I dont want to even get started on the way Nigerians succumb to religious fraud. Not today. I no fit shout
    Hope you are well

    1. Religious fraud it is. How your pastor cn use church funds to fuel an expensive lifestyle and you'll think its alright. ok oo

      I am, thanks :)

  4. Replies
    1. Okeoghene!! long time I saw you here. Hope you are good :)

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  6. I believe we are in a state of denial, our common sense has been eroded so much that any form of sane reasoning is beyond us. It's obvious in the way we carry on with our religion and government.

    1. Denial. high on religious 'Igbo'. I don't know what to think.

  7. Totally D and I dont even want to go into the video sef

  8. we deserve the leadership that we have. shikena

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I choose A! LOL! I don tire. There is a lot of decadence in this country. I've not watched the video. I plan to though BUT people don't know God for themselves so they can be easily decived by false prophets and there are many. I dunno jo...

    1. lol. A it is. All this miserly Catholics who don't pay tithes!

  11. LOL. You made me think of my own country - especially my own state - TN. 2 'supposedly' men of God were going around in Golden Chariots, Golden Throne, Gold Scepters and what not!

    Now one is one the run and another shivering in fear.

    Guess not only Nigerians, but also Indians deserve the leaders we get.
    And I choose (A).

    1. Welcome to my blog Mad Madrasi :) Thanks for commenting.

      Golly! Are you serious? Golden Chariots? Wow!
      Sigh...we do have something in common (Nigeria and India) - underdevelopment and poverty. There must be a link somewhere.

  12. The answer to the question is not in the list!

    These answers are subjective and don't allow for reasonable conclusive resolution.

    The goose and the gander look similar but are not the same.

    1. laughs@The goose and the gander look similar but are not the same.

      Okaay o Afronut. Let me ask a simpler one. "What might Jesus Do If presented with a Jet?"



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