Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trick or Treat Fail

So Halloween has come and gone.
I was only aware of it cause -  
The local shops had Halloween costumes up front and in your face throughout October. Even Poundland’s shop announcements were spooky voiced. Scared the heck outta me the first time I heard it.

And the two munchkins at home had a costume party in school so we had to go shopping for them. 6 yr old K was Spiderman (rolls yes) Little M was a princess complete with crown and ball room slippers.

That was a week ago and I promptly forgot about Halloween.

Yesterday at MacDonalds. I remember little red riding hood walking past me, Shrek, even King Kong alas, no alarms rang in my head…

Around 7 pm the door bell rang. The kids shouted Mommy is back!! And remembering I had left my key in the lock I went with them to open the door.
There in the cold was a cute little shivery witch with her big black hat held out, her mom somewhere in the shadows.
"Trick or treat"?

My head did a million calculations in that second. “Treat? Oh dear. We are out of candy! Can I give cookies? money? Bad idea! I have only pennies and a 10 pound note”
I ran to the kitchen frenzied looked around, came back hands wringing and apologizing.
I felt soooo bad.
I don’t know who was more embarrassed. Lil shivering Witch, her Mom or me!

The munchkins telling me ‘Aunty that’s not nice, why didn’t you give her candy”? (loudly mind ya) as I closed the door didn’t help.

Suffice to say, I chased 'em to the kitchen and put off the living room lights. 
We are not home!
How was your Halloween day?

Howdy to the new followeres. and to the old loyalty remains unshaken.
Adiya of Muse origins came out of hiding to say Hi recently. I salute oo. Missed you! Who knows what happened to Asha of New jersey to Nigeria? Her blog was a secret pleasure. I miss her humor!
My life isnt yet mine but it will soon be. Amen!


  1. LOL @ 'The Fail'
    I have to admit I got a bit sick of my doorbell constantly going off last year
    So, this year, most of my lights were off (giving the impression no-one was home)
    Happy to say no one rang LOL

  2. omg that's just too funny, makes me remember one Halloween disaster too way back in secondary school, we had a Jamaican principal and she tried to introduce Halloween to naija was hilarious and utter fail!.. i miss Asha too, i really do

  3. LOl, Ginja, Ginja, that's funny. But wait o, did you really have candy and didn't give it to the little witch? lol. I agree with the munchkins jare --that's not nice :D. Halloween on my end was quiet. A few kids came by, but I didn't bother opening the door since I had no candy for them.

  4. I wondered about Asha too. I hope she's good though

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. awww, aunty you no try o...lool
    What interests me about the halloween are the costumes that people wear. Hope you are having a great week.

  7. You paint the picture of the Halloween well in those lines. I should better start returning to poetry writing. It's been a while since I have written one down.

  8. Just awful lol. Im glad i'm not a kid anymore. Folks are real cheap with the candy these days (myself included)

  9. Lol. Halloween... well, nobody could have come to my door, thankfully. They'd have gone away empty handed.

    I miss New Jersey to Nigeria too!

  10. Hehehe. I'm sure you were really embarrassed. Pele.

    My life isn't yet mine but it will soon be.... Still trying to decipher

  11. The tone of this post sounds tired. Are you alright?

  12. I love Halloween just for the dressed up kids, still don't know if I'll dress up mine. Had a few visits my time in the UK, now we live in what seems a kids free zone, I always keep candy but no one comes :(

  13. You mean girl! Not giving out candy for the kids! Your Dad would be so shocked. In fact, I'd better not tell him. (He thinks you are an angel, but I've always known you had a naughty side!)



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