Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Our President has done it again

I  call it Goodluck's Government of Distraction. 
If he is not passing bills on same sex marriage, he is renaming a 50-year old founding University after the late political martyr Moshood Abiola.
I don’t have anything against the late Abiola but I do know Unilag is a Federally established Institution not Lagos state Grammar school. Its name can't be changed willy nilly.
From all indications GEJ did not follow due process nor consult stakeholders.
Wasn’t there supposed to be a referendum? Weren’t students even supposed to be involved in voting or something.
Are we even thinking of the cost of this change and really…what did Abiola do for education in general and tertiary education in particular that makes him deserving of this honor?
Why cant they just name May 29th – MKO day?

In the words of Oghenekaro Ogbinaka Chairman ASUU UNILAG

"We have always doubted the intelligence of this government and this has confirmed it. This is senseless. UNILAG was established by an act of parliament. We will go to court.".

I agree. In fact it sounds like an idea brewed following pillow talk between Dame Patience and the President. I am happy to see that our academia still have balls. I hope they see this through.

Meanwhile some gems from twitter

"GEJ unfolds plans to stop Boko Haram from bombing universities: changes their names to confuse BH"

"If UNILAG rejected you, the best punishment is to rename them MALU when you become president. Well done sir".


"UNILAG Babes now Abiola Babes"

It would be funny if it weren’t so heartbreaking.

Happy Democracy Day! (sic)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

This is Oyiboland - How to mind your kid

Hey People,

I'm sorry about my impromptu absence, I am back and I promise not to disappear like that again. If it's any comfort to you, now I know what withdrawal-symptons feel like!!!

Mucho Thanks to Toinlicious, Cherrywine, Lady Ngo, Okeoghene and Madge-ine the Twaddle for my Liebster award. I will answer your 50 Questions o_O in my next post. Wahala dey!

Another Thank you to Toin for checking up on me :). Isn't she the sweetest!

I took these pictures on Sunday while sunning myself near the mall in Newcastle City Centre after Mass. I welcome explanations on why this couple could not hold each child by the hand. A Nigerian mom dares not try this unless you want to be declared unfit for parenting. smh


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