Friday, January 11, 2013

Hope Springs

So I watched Hope Springs a couple of days ago. Hmmmm.
First off, this is one movie that is not going to garner Meryl Streep an Oscar nod or nomination. Amen..she needs to give other women space lol.

A middle aged couple’s marriage was stuck in a rut. Actually rut is good. They were like two familiar strangers living together (in separate bedrooms too, that's a No No from me.). 
Each performed their roles like automatons. She fries his bacon and egg every morn. He comes down. Puts down his suitcase, picks the paper to read as he eats his food. Gives her a perfunctory kiss on the cheek and off he goes to work.
Of course like in most relationships, it was not an equal one. Somebody was bound to be unhappy from this affectionless relationship…the wife.

Then she came across a book by a relationship expert which inspired her to book a week’s intensive course for her and her husband in a small town far from their home. He reluctantly takes the trip with her and under the gentle prompts of the therapist, they rediscover the old magic.

Wows and Duhs
For a cast that was made up of only three principal didn’t get boring. 

Steve Carrel as the therapist was at his quietest. Perfect supporting role and he did it beautifully.
Streep played the sweet middle aged wife whose only need was to love her husband and be loved in return. Her cherubic face and puppy eyes kept following her husband searching for signs of love. It started annoying me at some point lol. I guess I’m used to Meryl wearing smart suits and acting edgier roles; a woman in control. In this movie, she was just a simple housewife who lived to please her husband.  
I hated Billy Joel. Omg he was my worst nightmare of a husband. Complaining, nagging, cheap. But then you look at the love in the wife’s eyes when she looks at  him and you forgive him thinking ’he probably isn’t always this bad’. It was of course lovely to see the transformation in that jowly lined face when things were happy again.

Hope Springs reminded me a lot of Mr and Mrs from Nollywood reviewed here.  Both were about women who had husbands who were taking them for granted and neglecting their emotional needs to the point of cruelty. How in the world do you describe a marriage where hubby has not touched wife sexually for months talk of years? Sadly I have heard similar real life stories so don’t scoff…it happens!

The therapist underscored how sex and love were intertwined. People, if it ain't happening in the bedroom, there’s a problem. Wives, BJ is not for *ashawos. It seems the husbands really like it. even those who are too shy to say it. Pls rev up the bedroom.
A friend of mine married for 4 yrs now confessed that she can’t errr love her hubby that way though he keeps asking. I still dey look am. I keep buying bananas. I no talk anything. Lol
I gotta admit that watching Meryl attempt to give her hubby some love was like watching my mom. *covers face*

I was also reminded that men are truly creatures of habit which can work for good or bad.
Good - When he gets into the habit of being with you, he doesn’t want to lose you.
Bad – When you allow him fall into the habit of being taken care of, he might take it for granted.

Both women had to break the habits to make their men sit up and notice.

The difference between Nollywood version and Hollywood version was of course the fact that the couple in Hope Springs both owned up to the part that each had played and worked together to mend their marriage, while Mr and Mrs told us that only the wife needs to do the work.

Summary: Predictable romcom, better than average cause of good performances from cast. Might be called different cause it focused on ‘old love’. Watch, learn and actively paint anti-rust on your relationship.

*sex workers


  1. I would love to watch this...nice review by the way.

  2. I would go look for this movie... Especially since you likened it to 'Mr and Mrs'.

    Lovely review.

    'Good - When he gets into the habit of being with you, he doesn’t want to lose you.
    Bad – When you allow him fall into the habit of being taken care of, he might take it for granted.'.... On point.

    1. Thanks NuttyJ. I actually got the point from the guy. He said 'he got into habit of being with her and didnt want to lose her' so he married her. But see how it nearly turned out for bad....

  3. Nice review and reminded me of the movie. Love how you pointed out the habit thing...

  4. Ahh... thanks so much, Ginger! I've been looking for a worthwhile film to watch (watching movies these days is a task for me, however this film sounds promising...tho my blood must have gone colder by a few degrees just reading the "performing their roles like automatons" bits hehehe). Shall watch it tonight.
    I hope you have a restful, nice weekend!

  5. LMHO @ buying bananas.

    Nice review

    1. Don't mind the babe. She has refused to bite. *pun intended* lol

  6. No Spoiler Warning. Not interested in watching since your "review" releaved the movie.

    1. Happy New Year Adebrsk!!!

      Plenty other movies in the cinema Hun.

  7. Hiii I JUST finished watching's been long since a movie had me really smiling and clapping. I agree with all you've said about the husband and wife working at it together, and the whole bj thing (which has been rubbing me the wrong way but I see your point hehehe). Gosh sorry I'm gushing but I really really liked this movie... it's refreshing to see old love and it was depicted realistically. Haaaaa

    1. Awww. So glad you enjoyed it too. How did the BJ rub you wrong? lol

  8. lol @ the oscar comment. Meryl streep is good!
    Seems like a movie i would enjoy.

  9. Really lovely review
    I particularly liked your opinion that 'When you allow him fall into the habit of being taken care of, he might take it for granted..'
    That's why I throw in a little 'spice' and 'comma' from time to time LOL
    Hope all is well
    Happy New Year sweetie
    I wish you a blessed year. 2013 will be your breakthrough year. You just watch!!!!

    1. Thanks NIL same i wished you!!

      Spice and Comma..exactly o. Predictability kills relationships.

  10. So after reading your review I went ahead and watched it... loved it! Oscar or no oscar, Meryl is still something lol.

    This is one of those movies like Silverlining playbook that I would usually never watch and nowadays I seem to have grown to really like these kind of movies (I say too much drama in Nollywood movies makes you learn to love less drama).

    Nice review :)

    1. Really glad you enjoyed it. Silver lining is happening tomorrow!!

  11. I will go get it today? Your review tells me that I am going to enjoy it. Lol @ face covering.

    1. Ha...its embarassing to think of your parents doing the do, come to talk of oral..Biko! My mom is a virgin, i was concepted immaculately

  12. LMAO @ watching meryl give her husband some "love" was like watching your mum. hahahahaha! i swear you make me wild out with laughter. now i must watch the movie, just to give you the guy's perspective. truth is, some men get bored with every acquisition really quickly *dodges shoe* becomes just what it is, sex. and of course the product packaging of the toy dimishes with age so it is expected. not sure he wont tire of the ashawo style too after a while, but good luck trying. excellent movie review ginger, you should do this more often.

    1. Thanks Oroque. *blush blush

      Would love to hear your opinion. Diminished packaging happens to both sexes oo. Flappy balls and boobs et al. lol

      He might tire. or he might not. Its all about pleasing innit?



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