Monday, January 14, 2013

Songs That Celebrate Enduring Love

I never marry, anniversary song dey hungry me, Blogfam isn’t that putting the cart before the horse? lol

So on Sunday, I was watching a music channel that was playing oldies and this song came up. I coulda sworn the guy was Billy Ocean though I wondered about the hair. Billy Ocean if I remember has short jerrycurled/nappy hair not long and wavy. I could remember the song from childhood but hearing it as an adult now the words also made me nostalgic. So I waited for the names of the singers. Ashford and Simpson. I know I had heard the names but just never knew who they were.
On Wiki-ing them here.... I found they were a popular singing/song-writing duo. Wrote songs for musicians like Marvin Gaye(no not sexual healing), Teddy Pendergrass, Amy Winehouse, Diana Ross, Chaka Khan etc. Songs like:
I’m Every Woman
Reach out and touch..somebody’s hand
Ain’t no mountain high enough
Nick Simpson and Valerie Ashford met in choir in 1960 (don’t they all meet in choir!), collaborated on songs and finally married in 1974. Stayed married until Nick’s death in 2011 from throat cancer. RIP.
I was so touched. Hope someone writes a book about their life together. That’s a worthier read than biographies of Cheryl Cole, Katie Price, Victoria Beckham, Snookie, *rolls eyes*
It seems I am not the only one who marveled at their marriage. Here’s a short interview of the couple I found on Youtube.
Anyway, their song got me thinking. About songs that celebrate enduring love and/or relationships.
My top 4 anniversary songs are…ok, make it 5 I can’t decide between those two Shania Twain songs:
Solid by Ashford and Simpson 
Always Shania Twain 
Still The One Shania twain 

Over to you...What song/s would be on your anniversary playlist?


  1. Wow, up until now i thought i had a mixtape for every occasion. Check and mate Madame Ginger!

    What would be on my anniversary mixtape? Almost anything by Toni Tone Tony lol...Adorn by Miguel...Love You More by Ginuwine...Always and Forever by Heatwave...and Ribbon in the Sky (the version by Intro, not Stevie Wonder). Oh gosh there are so many possibilities lol.

    1. Now you aer introducing me to new songs. going to check these out!

      Ribbon in the sky..sigh!

  2. I think the only one I know of all those songs is "Everytime I close my eyes" lol
    I also love "My Love" by Westlife. Used to be a big fan. lol
    Happy New Year Ginger.

    - LDP

    1. Happy New Year LDP!!
      Chai! you surprise me, as an affianced man you should have plenty songs like this to be singing for the love of your life o :).

  3. Shania Twain "You're still the one"!!!! By all means and heck yeah most definitely Westlife! :)

  4. Let it hunger you biko :D Your list works for me but i don't know song 1 and 5. My list is a lil longer though. I'll be Loving You Always by Stevie Wonder tops the list. Sade's By Your Side, Tevin Campbell's Always in My Heart, Kenny G's That Somebody Was You, When You Say Nothing at all etc

    How are you doing Ginger?

  5. Still the one by Shania Twain is my all time favorite...Tevin Campbell's Always in My Heart is also one song I love.

  6. I burst out laughing at snookie! You are not a very nice somebolthy. All the love songs have suddenly disappeared from my head. All but P-Square's "I love you". I see myself swaying and lifting up my hands to that song at 80 with my beau. Sigh... I'm sure the rest will come with time. Brandy's Have you ever etc etc.

  7. are still selecting the songs...? me..,I already have the full playlist ooo..,i just keep updating it when a new song sparks my interest...and by the way I never even see signs and symptoms of a ring on the way sef>>>>lmao!
    But u pipu and this oyinbo song only play playlist is eccentric...from all those people you listed to Shola alysons'a Ayanmo Ife and Eji Owuro..,Tosin Martins- kosigi and Olo sister if i make list ehn this your page go full ooo...
    we dey put cart before horse are not alone...hehehehe!

    happy new year! hugs

  8. Can you believe I've never remarked Solid? Listened to it and loved both the song and the chemistry between the couple. Know the rest, as well as Toinlicious. Add Come what May and My heart will go on :)

  9. And after Shania did those songs, her best friend slept with her husband, married him and Shania ended up with her best friend's husband...who she also married. A bit of trivia for you!

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