Monday, March 18, 2013

And Nigerians called Shenanigans on the NSCDC Commandant

So the NSCDC Lagos Commandant no less chose to make himself a laughing stock in Nigeria’s social media last week.
While the 'oga at the top' hashtag, youtube song, even Tshirts are causing so much mirth, one wonders…has he learnt his lesson or other politicians? Do they even understand what he did? Do we the audience?
He was interviewed on national TV not for his fine face, but to bring light and credibility to his organisation’s activities. 
He failed. First - He lied. There is only one website for the NSCDC but he indicated there were more. 
Second - He gave false information.
He should come back to the public, apologise and give the correct website details.

Irritatingly, but also expected, the respect issue has swaggered into the mix, ’It’s too much’, ‘how about if he was your father’, ‘Touch not the Oga’s annointed’ *wink*, even opinion pieces like this and this etc.

*Wails* Why are we so forgiving and understanding at the wrongest of times?

This is what Prof had to say in answer to a comment on “how unfair it is to mock him”

Coming on national television to disgrace your employers is probably more unfair. What is wrong with simply saying, "I don't know. I really should know but I don't and I am embarrassed about it. You know my generation is not into this tech stuff...", then throw in a charming smile, and go home a supposedly ignorant but honourable man?


Dear Commandant Obafaiye Shem, kindly memorise the above script and give a press briefing. That’s all.

Then again, I am happy he embarrassed his employers. A good staff is a reflection of the person who hired him. You hire a lackey to do the job of a leader .. this is the result - an obsequious employee who cannot respond to the simplest of answers without consulting his “Oga at the top”. Imagine if there was a request before him which needed an urgent/decisive response?

Meanwhile, a quick Google search for the NSCDC website shows this

I was quite impressed to find it was a functional website. Easily navigable. Loads fast. There’s even a ‘Report Crime form’ button which works!!! So people, if you want to report crime, just do it.

It was interesting to note that the NSCDC’s MISSION is

* Developing structures and training strategies that would contribute to the national security by using modern technology.

And their VISION:

* To put to work efficiency, humility and integrity in service delivery with a fresh zeal; bring credibility into concept of security.
Hmmm, some people need retraining oo.

This I assume, is the Oga at the Top

How are you folks? :)
So many things going on with me.  -The Job Still loving it. Mr. Just Right - He said those three words for the 1st time yesterday. Miami - My American bloggers, who lives in Miami?!!

Update: Just finding out the Commandant has been suspended here. Wow! Damn! Kudos Nigerians!! Twitterers/Facebookers/Bloggers/Tshirt wearers/Song Mixers.
Finally. Finally. I am feeling your power!!


  1. Ginger, the thing tire me, i was saying the exact same thing yesterday,, he should just have said' you know i am old school and not really into all this it stuff blah blah' so simple, you cant't go wrong telling the truth..just look at all the embarrassment he has heaped on himself, i wonder if he learnt his lesson...but the thing is funny!!!!
    yay @ saying those three words... project baby on the way then

  2. When i saw that post on Prism's blog, i was just sad. To think the interview was about scammers who created fake websites to defraud unsuspecting job-seekers. The least he should have known to was inform the public of the correct website. To those saying we took the joke too far, please take a sit and stop excusing mediocrity.

    SO 3words huh? Gens gens. I hope he knows diamonds are a girl's best friend :D

  3. I think we took the joke too far, the man is mediocre, he lies and he is an unrepentant incompetent, true, but should the reporters have magnified all this with the website question? I don't know. I don't think he was really suspended sha.

  4. We took the joke too far! Yes he is all that but imagine asking security details of a job that you are only an IT personal to! If that man is asked tactical questions you will be shocked! Let's say the wrong man was picked for the interview but I don't think he is incompetent and also he is still in charge. I like Shem.

  5. My favorite part of the interview was when he said, "Dats all."



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