Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Farewell Newcastle, Hello Milton Keynes!

Hello Blogville,

How has the month of May been for ye?

I moved house 10days ago. More like a relocation. Newcastle to Milton Keynes. 290miles. 5hrs of road travel.
Ostensibly in a lateral move in my organisation but also to be nearer to DBF in London. (Yes, I am now one of those girls who cross the ocean for their man….errr make it Cross-counties :).

I must admit that I balked at the last minute about leaving Newcastle. My initial reaction on my first visit to MK 3wks ago was “I don’t like this place” *insert wailing face*.
MK was all about brand new looking estates and houses and roundabouts (what’s with the roundabouts? There is like one every 100m). I suddenly had a deep nostalgia for Newcastle’s over-bridges, century old buildings randomly mixed with a smattering of spanking apartment buildings. For the little individual corner shops, for Gregg’s.
MK Central also known as the 'Shopping district' had all the big brands chain stores….Waitrose, Next, Debenhams, Fenwick, John Lewis etc. Where were my Tesco and Primark?!! I remembered Newcastle’s city centre, the smaller independent shops, the fruit stalls on the street, Gregg shops. I was not happy.
MK also has lots of forestland which made the drive scenic but also lonely somewhat.

But on the second visit which was also my moving day…something changed.

Maybe it was knowing that the paperwork was done and there was no turning back now with HR.
Maybe it was seeing the joy on DBF’s face as He happily carried my luggage up the stairs, asking me if I was ok at 15mins intervals.
Maybe it was seeing my 8 - wardrobe bedroom in this lovely houseshare in a really pretty upscale looking neighbourhood.
Maybe it was our yummy congratulatory lunch at Jamie Oliver’s Italian Restaurant.
Maybe it was finding out that work was an 18minutes walk from home which equals 'fitness' and 'saving' on transport (Newcastle’s taxi service Bluelines had been major shareholders in my salary this last 5months).
Maybe it was discovering return tickets to London cost £19.70 or even as little as £14.50 (32-54mins) compared to £78-122 from Newcastle (180mins – 240mins).
Maybe it was seeing the multicultural face of Milton Keynes Workplace. After being the only black face at work or on a 3mile stretch of road, it was strange to come to work and see lots of skin colors/accents like mine.
Maybe it was me accepting that to get what I want, I have to be ready to make some sacrifices.
Maybe it was the peace I had with God which assured me that He was behind the scenes.

Change is good :)


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  2. Congrats and best wishes with it all honey-bunny!

  3. Congrats!

    Visit http://www.unn.edu.ng

  4. Oh so DBF huh? I knew something was up *happy dance*

    *waits patiently for the rest of the gist*

  5. Thanks for the good wishes Beloved.

    p.s. Getting you ringside tickets Toin. :p

  6. This change is a good change jare. Enjoy this new phase.

  7. Excuse me but I didn't know Newcastle was "big" like that o. I sort of likened it to Loughborough and Nottingham, maybe cos it's just so far from London. I've never been. Milton Keynes :) I'm sure you'll get to like it more. It's very... cosy (not quite sure that's the right word.)

    Congratulations on the move. I'm hearing DBF for the first time o. Abi has the name come up before and I missed it? Or maybe I've just forgotten. Sigh... To be young and in love...

    Please can I visit when next I'm around? Yes? Thank you darling!


    1. MK Cosy? Some parts i guess. Your brand of craze is very welcome here. Come visit :)

      To be young??? ok o. If thou callest me young, I accept.

  8. Some days I wonder what living in the UK is really like.

    1. Cramped is what UK is after 8lane road US. lol

      Come visit after Turtilla's birth :)

  9. Enjoyed looking through your blog. I nominated you for a Liebster blog award :)


  10. So many things I have just learned from this post! Congrats!

  11. Congrats on the move! But Gingerlious wait first...DBF? Hmmmm.....am I missing something here? 😉 Lol.... When am I coming to spend the weekend na? Need a break from London

    I now blog at www.totesobviously.com

  12. Ah, i'm stale o, hearing of DBF for the first time.

    Congratulations nne, change is good.

  13. Awwww congrats! Love the way you wrote this. I'm only just catching up on my feeds. I'm sure you are used to your new place now :)



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