Friday, June 14, 2013

Sex Scandals and Public Officials

Famous Quotes

“I did not have sexual relations with that woman” Bill Clinton

“I cannot say with certitude that the photo of that erect penis is mine” Congressman Weiner

So, I’m just reading about the brouhaha over the alleged love affair between the CBN governor and a certain Madam Yaro. I noted that denials have come from CBN directorate but none from the CBN governor. Interesting.
Reading all the arguments for and against why this affair should be of interest to the public, reminded me of America's Bill Clinton’s very public extramarital penkelemesi also Congressman Weiner.

"A public official can be impeached when they commit a crime whether it is a misdemeanor or  a felony. Impeachment does  not necessarily mean a dismissal from office. It is a formal charge of wrong doing against the person and the accused is tried by the Senate (Senate acts as court)".

Bill Clinton was not impeached because he had an affair (oops was it? scratches head)…rather it was cause he had lied under oath (perjury) and obstructed the course of justice during the investigation of the scandal and sexual harassment lawsuit by Paula Jones.

Why was the scandal being investigated if it wasn’t government business then?

Well, they had investigate to find out if any official resources were used to further the affair and if any house rules had been violated i.e. if the affair had been sponsored by public funds (expensed lunches, hotel bills, carrying affair instead of official duties etc).

In Congressman Weiner's case, he had also lied, though not under oath when he was asked about the naughty pictures he had tweeted. Though he later recapitulated, his constituency as polls showed were not impressed. The fact is if ‘you a man of honor and can lie boldly in public, how about in other situations”.
There was no reason to impeach him per se as investigations had shown no proof of abuse of office. He was just a man who thought it was fun to sext with women other than his wife. Unethical but not illegal.

Why did he resign then? 

His hitherto private affairs were causing a distraction even disrespect of an office which should be above reproach. Then Obama weighed in, ”if I were Weiner I would resign”. He did.

Why didn't Clinton resign back then?
Higher stakes? Tougher skin? lol. (personally, I am happy he didn't).

So back to our dear Samson of the banking sector, Sanusi Lamido.

Is it our business if he had an affair with a woman not his wife? No
Is it our business if they exchanged texts messages saying “You make me feel brand new, Come and kiss me, Ahmadillah I love you”? No
Is it our business if he misappropriated public funds/expense accounts to support this affair? Yes
Is it our business if he abused his power to get her a position she neither merited or is qualified for (if that was the case)? Yes
Or if she is under coercion because of his position to start/continue the affair (it does happen you know)? Yes

That's my two kobo worth of opinion. So far I can see the matter is dying a natural death. Bigger dailies have not carried the news. Shakes head. Naija! All smoke and no fire!! 

Sources of News
Premium News report
CBN responds
Legal opinion about the affair


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  2. Naija is seriously the land of smoke and no fire oh, well from the attacks the write-up got on twitter I knew other dailies will not bother to enter the story.

    I guess we will never know the truth in this case sha.

  3. hmmmm you can say that again. all the talk and nothing. Please check my new blog/website and don't forget to subscribe.

  4. Where have I buried my head all these days? I am just reading about this scandal o.

  5. All smoke and no fire truly. Throw in our short memory and you've got Nigeria. SMH

  6. Well said...we truly don't hold our officials accountable enough! The whole brouhaha didnt even last 24 hours, shame!

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