Monday, August 5, 2013

5 Things you didnt know about Atilola

Now that Atilola has had her fun, let me have mine lol. Ladies and Gentlemen, five things you might wanna know about her:
#1. Atilola is tiny. Lol. Don’t be deceived by the giantess that towers in her ‘Spoken word’ I have been told I am smallish. Tall but cause I am slim…small. If I am small, Atilola is tiny. See pix here

#2. This lady loves Chinese. Hates Pizza and Oyibo food. Grin** Her train had arrived after 4pm so I was thinking late lunch/hunger with a capital H. Oya lets go find food. I first offered Pizza hut (easy to locate – I am still an MK newbie) I was also longing for their buffet salad options. But Atilola gave me the eye and twisted lips ‘Pizza’? Lol I had to quickly think of alternatives – Nandos? Harvesters? Chinese? *smile* Jackpot!!.
Red Chilli house it was which served a buffet of Chinese, Indian, Mexican and Japanese food. New discovery for me and It was actually better than Zen Garden Chinese Restaurant (the popular one which was closed). 90minutes after, satisfied guest and I left for home. Thank God.
**for the rest of her stay, she ate like a sparrow.

#3. Atilola is Super observant. It took her pointing out the ‘weird titles’ of the books on my shelf for me to realize that I either had a weird reading taste or I am attracted to books with ‘interesting titles’ lol.

#4. Atilola is a Superwoman. In case you don’t know Atilola has published two books. She is the creator of the African Naturalista hair blog. She produces her own branded hair products for sale. And she runs that blog as well as Atilola Writes. At 00.25am while I was struggling with sleep, this babe was scheduling blog entries for November on the Naturalista blog. While I was chatting and lolling on Whatsapp, she was making business calls to Nigeria - Importing/exporting. Babe is a dynamo. I dedicate D’banj’s Igwe to her. O si na nwata buru ogaranya, Someborri say Amii!!

#5. Atilola is shy. I don’t know how the dynamo, super-smart and shy maid cohabit, but they do so perfectly.

Lastly, Atilola actually reads my blog or I guess this is linked to super observant quality above. Her first comment to me at the train station was – ‘You are not as dark as you say you are joo’. *smiles*  
Toinlicious, you fell my hand seriously :'(. Blog with Spicy name linked to bread. Complexion woes. And you still came up with Cherry. Send me cherry-bread when you see it o! lol. I still love you shaa.

Honeydame come and take five please. 
Phew. I know i am unknown but  I had faith in my small community of friends na.

It was a pleasure to finally meet you Atilola. Hope to see you again soonest. We didn't get to see Milton Keynes famous concrete cows. Next time :)
MK's concrete cows. Dont ask me its history. Idk!

Ahh, I nearly forgot. I have one beef with Atilola.
So I reserved my yarn braid loosening till she came around :p.  It was heaven to have another hand on my hair. We did short work of the braids within 1hr, what would have taken me the better part of a day if done by myself.
But there was actually an ulterior motive, I haven’t retouched my hair in 8months and I wanted ‘expert advice’.
Me - Atilola, what do you think of my natural hair.
Atilola  - ‘You are not serious, Ginger (after running hands through my hair). This is not even natural hair. (surprised face me) You see where the nappy part ends? You need to cut off all the retouched bits above it, only then can you say you’ve gone natural.
Deflated Me – Ok a very small voice.

Didn’t stop me from trying to rock the hair shaa with scarves ala natural-laxed hair lol. My natural hair loving work colleague was ecstatic that I hadn’t succumbed to the devil’s white cream as I had threatened to.
Cheapest braids i had done. 3 packs of Wool = 3 pounds
I had initially planned to rock my hair for the foreseeable fortnight but plans changed after I saw DBF. Note: this is the first time he was seeing my hair la natural, the look on his face was priceless ….like what has happened to my Ginger braids. Lmao!! I was like ‘I am real like Jlo Indie Arie’. Original African Queen like me berra watch it.
For lack of a stronger/local sounding Igbo name in his limited vocabulary, he dubbed me ‘Obianuju’ as opposed to ‘Mgbeke (apologies Original Mgbeke).

My Tiwa Savage inspired braids
Anyway, in 72hrs, I had had enough of painful hair combing and shedding hair like an Afghan dog on the pillow. I braided up my hair pretty as you please. Phew.



  1. Look at you, Ginger. I will totally walk past you on the street and not recognize you, even though you've put up pictures of yourself before. YOu are looking fine o jare. Looks like you had fun with Atilola. Your description of her has confirmed my perception of her. She is definitely going places with her hustler make-it-happen mentality. She inspires me. I'm surprised about her scheduling post for November, that is on another level o.

    1. lol Prism. Tell me about my changing faces. Thank you for the compliment..blush blush :)

      Atilola is definitely going places. Very inspiring to watch.

  2. Lmaooo *face fully covered* I don't know why my brain refused to make the connection. And you confused me when you commented on the first post. Oya, leme sha keep my face covered. I was thinking Cherry wine-the bread-Jesus (dumb i know)
    Ok, leme go and properly wail in shame

    1. Come back my Sweet. No tears/no shame.

      Cherry-wine-the bread-Jesus??!! Only you Toin would come up with that liear

  3. You people just were turning my brain anyhow! Shior! I will be back with a proper request

    1. I shall be waiting Honey - for the proper request. Well done ;)

  4. Here's some rebuttal for you.

    1. I am not that tiny, its you that is too tall, lol.
    2. I don't hate Oyibo food, its just that I am not freaked about pizza.
    3.Okay, I am observant. Well, kinda
    4. I can be lazy if I want to be, lol.
    5. Huh?

    I can't even remember exactly how the natural conversation went, so I will keep quiet on that.

    P.S: I love blog posts like this, it makes blogsville seem realer, lol.

    1. Lol. Its not just height matter (im not even that tall at 5"7). let me keep quiet.
      Pizza dislike noted.
      Shy...that's my observation, this of course belies the truth..that you are the opposite.

      Natural hair how will you remember?! I'll take your advice sometime soon, when i have gathered the courage.

    2. Exactly! I want to stop relaxing my hair but the thought of going to hair that is only a few inches long is s-c-a-r-y! I also have a good feeling I'll look hideous with short hair...I don't have a pixieish frame to go with it!

      That last pic of you in this post is adorable. I agree with Prism of an Immigrant – to me it doesn't look like the pic of you at the top of this blog!

  5. Which Atilola is shy????? Fa..fa...fa...foul!!!! She is not shy at all jare. I agree with tiny tho. She is an inch or so taller than me but she is skinnier. Toin and her Cherry bread. Me sef, I for like taste the cherry bread. Good to see you guys had fun.

    PS: I love your books. I hve one or two. How to pee at work sounds fun.

    1. Slimmer darling :)

      Lol@the shy denial. I don hear oo.

      You have one or two of the books? Hugs my fellow weird reader. How to poo at work is hilarious. must do a review soon.

  6. Nice!!!Those braids are tight! (Figuratively and literally I assume…lol)

  7. I thought it was your height that made atilola look that tiny o, lol. Atilola is such a strong and very determined young woman. nice to know you guys had fun.

    1. We tried to despite the frying summer. Indeed she is.

  8. #5. Atilola is shy - ermmm so not true. how long have you known her? if you have like i have, u will know she's farrr from shy. As for #1, #3 and #4 yeah!!! #2.....hmmmmm

    1. lol. I can see i got that shy bit wrong. Please forgive oo. These are just MY first-hand impressions, not based on years of knowing Atilola.

  9. What an interesting insight into Atilola...still cant believe that she is really
    Yes Ginger, your book titles are interesting, especially the one aboiut pooing at work...maybe you need to do a blog post on that

  10. This getting so funny by the day. Thanks for the entertainment, ladies
    Meanwhile, Atilola is not shy. Haba now? But it's very confusing trying to put it together. The mischievous blogsville police is shy? That is very interesting :)

  11. I like your book titles...and YES Atilola is super observant.

  12. What, Ginger is no longer anonymous...this are happening during this my Ramadan break are tall sha, interesting post.

  13. you do have a wierd taste in books. Schedule a november post in August? That's a focused and hard working woman.
    great write-up on atilola.

  14. Interesting insight, Ginger. She is very hardworking, but definitely not shy. Although I'd say, she is more forceful behind her keyboard, than when you see her in person, lol. The sky is her foundation-she sure is going places.

  15. Wow! Loved the flow of this piece. Good one Ginger...
    Might be following you soon. And the ADDENDUM part was just something else... Feels like it should have been for another post but who says it was nice? Well done!

  16. Tres interesting you meeting up with people. I am VERY BAD at that. Like slightly hermitic. Well done you all.

  17. Lovely post. AND I think I can now recognize you from the last picture. Beautiful babe.

  18. Atilola is hard working! Kudos to her. When I saw her on Ebony TV i was chanting... "see my blog friend" lol

  19. awwwwwww glad you guys had fun.. wish i could have made it.. btter luck next time!
    Atilola is a proper business woman.. i really admire that about her from what I read about her. Running business is not easy!

    Loving your hair and good to finally put a face to a name!!!!



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