Friday, September 6, 2013

Benefits of Sex. Go Get Some Now ;)

Hey BlogFam,

I’m still recovering from Ms Sting’s post on Sunday about famed black Hero and Anti-racism Crusader Martin Luther King’s womanizing ways.
To say it struck at my belief in man’s goodness is an understatement. But I have myself to blame I guess, for daring to think that mere matter how famous or heroic or evangelical is infallible.
Only God is infallible Ginger. Look up to him. Amen!!

But I won’t lie all the talk about Sen. Weiner’s sexting, COZA Pastor Bimbo, Bill Clinton, Sanusi Lamido sort of just faded into insignificance. Ok not insignificance but I had this fatalistic attitude of….. Why bother?! Its genetic/evolution/preordained. Lets just learn to separate the Hero from the Penile control challenged man (apt acronym from Naijalines).

Discussing it with my girlfriend. she said times have changed now. That in today’s world he wouldn’t have gotten away with it. Maybe. But we still have the Al Gore’s. John Major’s. Jesse Jackson’s. Media and people seem to turn a blind eye to ‘seemingly lack of penile control’ only when it suits us, making those that get caught and actually pay for their sins - Weiner for example -  ‘unlucky’ not more guilty.

Anyway an interesting point was raised by Da Grumbler in answer to my rhetoric question “What is it about male leaders and sex? I guess all that testosterone needs release” on Sting’s page.

He answered ”@Ginger, I think you need to read "Think and Grow Rich" By Napoleon Hill. There is a chapter in it which he talks about the power of sex especially when that power is transmuted. It sure explains a lot why "LEADERS" have always been caught in sex scandals.....LMAO”.

I haven’t read Think and Grow Rich but I have read Napoleon Hill thoughts on the Power of Sex in a book I came across recently Outwitting the Devil. I had planned to blog about it sometime lol. Thought it was an interesting read. Anywho, let me share the salient bits.

Napoleon Hill emphasized throughout his writings that the person who is not master of himself can never be master of others.
And control of self starts by mastering 3 appetites responsible for most Indiscipline:
1. Desire for food
2. Desire for expression of sex
3. Desire to express loosely organized opinions (Wonder what he would say about new age social media lol)
When man becomes master of theses 3 appetites, he has developed enough self-discipline to conquer easily those of lesser importance.

What he says about Mastering sex
Sex is one of the greatest of all forces which motivate humans. Because of that it is also one of the most dangerous forces. If humans could control their sex desires and transmute them into driving force with which to carry on their occupation – that is if they spent on their work one half of the time they dissipate in pursuit of sex, they would never know poverty. (or impeachment or blackmail)
All great leaders in every walk of life are highly sexed but they follow the habit of controlling their sex desires by switching them into a driving force behind their occupation. By the time we remove present great leaders with sex scandals behind them, tell me who is left?

Benefits of Sex
#1. Controlled sex supplies the magnetic force that attracts people to one another. It is the most important factors of a pleasing personality.
#2. It serves to give motive power to one’s desires
#3. It sharpens the imagination and enables one to create useful ideas
#4. It is a great antidote for all fear
#5. It gives one immunity against procrastination
#6. It gives one physical and mental endurance while undergoing any form of opposition or defeat.
#7. It gives one the fighting qualities necessary under all circumstances for self defense
In brief, it makes winners not quitters.

And I might add that medical research indirectly supports the above:
Regular sex has the same benefits as regular exercise. It increases the flow of certain chemicals that naturally boost and strengthen the immune system, improves cholesterol levels, stimulates circulation, invigorates the heart, diminishes the intensity of pain -- especially in migraines and chronic arthritis -- may reduce PMS symptoms, and releases endorphins, which simply make you feel good :).

Advantages are plenty it seems and when I remember movies like The Gladiator, The Odyssey, 300, Troy #4, #6 and #7 are believable.
So Da Grumbler I see where you’re coming from lol. It does seem plausible BUT,

I prefer to believe Napoleon Hill meant ….. in the right place, time and with the right person not indiscriminate, dishonorable sexing please.

Disclaimer – Whatever you get up to this weekend, don’t put the blame on me. I did not send you message!!


  1. LOL...Na you send me :)

    I agree that highly driven and ambitious people are driven in most areas of their lives but those who show no control when it comes to sex are leaving a gap to be pulled down. Channeling and transmuting it not only closes those gaps, but gives the other areas even more force. #1 reason why women, controlled by self or societal mores, often get to the very top when they put their mind to it.

  2. OMG, that Martin Luther King story left me speechless for a while. Not like i was expecting the dude to be an angel but.. Looool at not sending anyone message. You did biko. After all those 'advantages' and stuff. Lol.

  3. Ginger, how can i say no after that interesting list up there. I'm going to get me some because i love you and you're insisting *tongue firmly in cheek*

  4. Ginger,

    I have re-branded ooo! My moniker is now Da Injurer and dont ask what i am injuring ooo.....

  5. lol you lead me to the lake and are asking me not to drink! shooo!

    mehn those men should release the testoteorne in their wives abeg, there is no excuse! I am fed up of all this talk about it being in their blood being normal and men just getting away with rubbish because they are men, we talk about it for weeks and then forget, until the next man falls... *sigh*!

    What can I say, i refuse to believe it is normal or acceptable and I encourage men to stop seeing it that way.... it is disgusting.. i am no longer making sense so i will shut up.

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