Sunday, September 15, 2013

Marry Me Review

Hey Blogfam,
How has your weekend been? A poster on Romance Meets Life asking readers to help her choose between two wonderful men (sic) who want to marry her reminded me of Lucy Liu in the TV miniseries Marry Me. 

Till date Marry Me ranks as one of my absolute favourite romantic comedies. It was romance with a capital R infused with Comedy with a capital C topped with smart dialogue and a happily ever after ending that leaves a smile on your face for days after.
Too much praise Ginger? Sue me lol. I have willingly mostly deliberately re-watched it about 5times now and believe me that’s a feat for me. I rarely watch movies twice cause I am scared they will lose their magic on second watch (case in point, the movies Avatar and Titanic) but this one hasn’t.
Think of it like your favourite ice cream flavour. You don’t mind experimenting with other flavors but it is your default when you just want the familiar. 

Cast: Lucy Liu, Steven Pasquale, Bobby Cannavale, Enrique Murciano, Vanessa Marano and Annie Potts. 
Plot - Rae Carter (Lucy Liu) is a social worker who just ended a 3 year old relationship when her frog-loving boyfriend chose to pursue a Frog project than put a ring on it. But within weeks/months she had gone from being 'The Dumped' to 'The Pursued' by not one but 3 ardent suitors.
Luke – An architect and the quintessential boy next door. Introduced to Rae by the family pastor, he knew what he wanted from the start, but could he make Rae see it?
Harry –  Luke’s best friend, the quintessential fairy tale prince, handsome, charming, rich as Croesus. He makes Rae rediscover her potentials.
Adam –  The frog loving boyfriend who realized her true worth when she walked out of his life and is now determined (with a capital D) to win her love.
The real deal is obvious to the viewers from the beginning but I guess if you were in the thick of it, you might be as indecisive as Rae cos my o my! The other two were serious temptations!! The first time I watched it, I was loudly casting and binding MFM style, even as I was sighing at the romance of it all lol.

The Good bits
Lucy Liu ably held her own in this movie - as a career woman who dreams of being swept off her feet, yet she is able to present her aspirations in a way which doesn’t make them seem incongruent. You also couldn’t help but love her warmth and her sense of style (she was figure/picture perfect from start to finish) and her chemistry with the rest of the cast lit up each scene.
The supporting characters were also exceptional from the best friend (where is the heroine without a best friend), her work colleagues, her crazy southern family, and the precocious teenager Imogen (Vanessa Imogen) her runaway court ward which was the icing on the cake. Their problems were real and intriguing enough but never detracted the viewer from Rae’s pursuit of romance.
You just couldn’t help but root for happily ever after for everyone.

Lastly the movie is in two parts, running into a total of 3hrs. Make sure you leave enough time to watch both at same time unless you’ll be grizzly till part 2.

Bad bit - 
This movie is escapism at its best. And there is nothing wrong with that, Thank you :).

p.s. Some kind person uploaded the movie on Youtube. The picture quality isn't the best but if I've got you curious, then you might just check it out :))

Have you seen Marry Me? Tell me what you think of it.


  1. I think it's a great romantic comedy. I would have been extremely furious if she chose the Adam guy; FROG over your girlfriend! UGH. lol. Great movie though and the Luke guy, sigh. Perfection. Too good to be true :(

  2. Off to go download :D I need the cheer

  3. Marry me = Movies to see! Thanks :-) xx

  4. I have watched it.
    Yes, it is witty but i still have a little reservation about it: A touch of fairy tale in it.

  5. Funny, I never even heard of this movie! OK, let me go check it out :)

  6. Sometimes escapism is the best form of relaxation. Works for me;)

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  8. nwa mummy where do i start from. i heard your tape on sugarbells blog, while the othe poeple where forming cant speak ibo or speaking with oyibo accent, i clicked on the tape ginger and that was it,nne i was smiling and laughing with all my 32 outside. the long and short story is that you are a shooting star that people should watch out for. really like your personality you don't take things too serious and that's is how i think this life should be., you have a great sense of humour. will be very glad and honoured to hear from you. nwanne madu hoping to hear from you soon.

  9. Where are you? Even if me I disappear I won't take it from you. I won't!

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  11. Finally saw this movie. Love it :D

    Harry though, he was some serious temptation.

    I wanted to step on Mr. Frog guy with pointy heels :p

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