Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Blogging Anonymously or Publicly

This blogging daily business is haaard!! MsTizzle inspires and shames me in equal measure lol. Keep it up dear gal!

I found Nutty Jay’s last post about pros and cons of going public as a blogger quite interesting.

I think that’s one question most of us battle with at some stage in our blogging journey. To do or not to do?
Two things you might like to consider before you pull the mask:

Can you defend the words/views/opinions you have written?
I blog semi-anonymously and I’m perfectly satisfied with that. If my friends IRL/family get to discover my blog, I would have no qualms because there’s no word/opinion written by me on my blog that I cannot stand by. Disclaimer of course is that as a human being, my opinions can and WILL change due to ‘new knowledge being brought to light’/’a lived experience’ etc. Life is all about change innit?
One becomes a fraud when you live a life different from what you preach.

Have you written things that could affect other lives/future jobs?
Some of us have broken the confidentiality of family/friends/employers/customers in our blogs. You need to be aware of legal/economic consequences of being found out. 

Is it really necessary?
Or are you giving in to pressure from readers and friends. Readers are curious and won't mind putting a face to this person that writes so wonderfully..yet that doesn't make it necessary for you to satisfy them. If you want to start off a sort of business or turn your blog into a money making one linked to some sort of business/cause, then you may need to increase your fans' confidence by revealing yourself.  
Personally I’m not prepared to do that jare. Let the two communities remain apart. Like T-Note said in a comment on said post "The world is much too much of a noisy place to indulge free access to every side of you".

“Let the two communities remain apart”. 
As I write that, I pause and wonder what's the difference between these communities? Virtual difference? 
Not really. 
Lines have blurred over time. One can't keep sharing intimate details about yourself with strangers without a concomitant bond between similar souls. Its cosmic. Some of us have become fast friends offline. 
And even if an offline relationship exists not, it doesn't reduce the sense of sister/brotherhood blogging gives. A feeling I don't share with 80% of Facebook friends (mostly ex-school friends).

Blogging gives me the best of both worlds, an opportunity to write unbridled and enjoy a unique clique of friends.

The personal journeys we share, these are the stories we don’t see on social media. The heartaches/successes stories behind the ‘My life is so wonderful” updates on Facebook/Instagram.
That is why I find it easier to rejoice with friends on blogsville. And I didn't need to see your face to make it more legit. 
If I’ve followed your personal journey (as much of it as you have seen fit to share) and tomorrow you blog about vacations, promotions etc, rejoicing with you comes much more naturally because I know where you're coming from (Of course I don’t mean there must be  'suffering' to validate to success stories. But we do agree that real life, is not roses, is it? for most of us anyway).

I have been enriched by blogging. I don’t know how people can say they wanna stop. I keep thinking what will make me stop? 
Never say never anyway. 
Maybe one day I will run out of words. Maybe one day my life will become so perfect/busy that blogging becomes a bore. But I can’t imagine disappearing and not keeping up with what is happening with you’ll.  Dollchic is a great example of a ‘retired blogger’ lol.

I call you friends cause you are my friends.

Thanks for the comments in last post. I feel greatly loved :) Mwah! Mwah!

p.s. I have told my family and close friends about my blog but It didn't 'wow them' like I thought (hides face). It was sort of like 'Oh you do?' Cool!. They check it out once or twice every quarter, and that's it lol. Overrated!

p.p.s. I have grown into the name Ginger and don't even feel a need to change it to my real name. Maybe I should just legitimise it? :)


  1. Well I blog semi anonymously and i feel comfortable with the stuff on my blog even though some other people don't.

    I think what is important, is when writing about other people to protect their identity as much as possible. Once that's done, please share the gist!

    But noone should be censored from writing about what they want to write about because of societal expectations.

  2. Thank you for this post....resonates soo well!!! To a very large extent, the "Is it really necessary" sums it up...
    As I always say, I am a non-confrontational person...so my blog is my outlet for some of the things in my head which I dont necessarily want to translate into speech.....heck, even as a "totallly" (using that word very loosely) anonymous blogger, I still have to censor what I write about and all...somethings are just better left in one's head.

    I really really like this post sha...cant even explain how or why!

  3. Was mulling over this just now. I love blogging, and the way it has allowed me to meet and 'acquire' new family members. I started out being anonymous, this has morphed into semi-anonymity now. So, I am careful about what I share. When I do write about real life events, I try to protect identities as much as possible. I don't see me putting a face or a name to my blog publicly any time soon. You'll always be Ginger Snaps to me (in my head) :)

  4. Oh well, maybe if I stop changing my avi on twitter,I'd be anonymous. A lot of people know me yet when they see me they still don't think it's me. So I'm safe abi? I'm still semi anonymous and I try to be more cautious with what I write even though I rant a lot but sometimes I wish I can bare it all and be me and still feel alright. Missed you babe.

  5. I had to read this again. I love this post. You have been a part of our lives by just commenting and even though after we shut the computer and get away we come back and remember what who and who said. This what I don't get on twitter and this real life issues is what I try to avoid.

  6. I dint even know there was anything like anonymous blogging before I started blogging. Maybe if I knew, i would have been anonymous. Anyway, I am glad I blog. I am one of those people whose lives blogsville has changed completely, and I mean COMPLETELY.

    I have made money editing books for many bloggers. I am an author bcos of blogsville, a business person cos of blogsville, I can't even begin to count the opportunities being a blogger has afforded me.

    And what of the relationships and friendships that have developed for me on blogger? PRICELESS.

    I can go on and on, but I will stop here for now.

  7. I told my mom that i blog. She was less than enthusiastic about it lol. She's been to the blog a couple of times but i don't really think she cares one way or the other lol.

    The only thing i regret about not being anonymous is that there are some times that i want to share some things and i just can't bring myself to. Not because of any opinion i am afraid to stand by but there are just some experiences and thoughts that you need to get off your chest without having to worry about getting a million questions and all that. Oh well. Guess that's what my actual diary is for lol.

  8. Sometimes I wish I was an anonymous blogger.
    I hope your week is going great?

  9. u have raised pretty good points about "no-face" bloggers.. either works as long as d individual is comfortable with it..

    haha! I am on d same page as you! some of my friends like my blog and visit but my family pfff.... they could care less lol and I don't mind that they don't

  10. Long time Ginger, nice post that makes sense! I am so not an anonymous blogger; my pictures are all over my blog and various links that lead to me. My friends, family (except parents-don't feel like telling them), colleagues, even church members know that I blog and they love it. The only identity I reveal is mine, identity protection is key. I get your point though, we all need to be careful about what we post so we don't get burnt later, but it all depends on the individual. One's poison could be another's medicine. http://frediliadtruthuncensored.com/

  11. Well said. Like how you sum it up in--is it really necessary??Dunno jare, public blogging's unnecessary drama---too much waters have flowed under the bridge. Like how much stuff do you want to start explaining to people that don't even deserve an explanation. To each his own anyway.

    Either ways, your style suits me :p

  12. Everyone would have to do what works for them. Those who know me would immediately recognize who I really am, those who don't will meet me one day, and say hey it's you. I like that idea of connection that comes from blogging with your face, with your name is another deal.

  13. I personally prefer doing it publicly.. what I write defines me..

  14. Interesting.

    I'm a very private person, and for me blogging anonymously helps me to share better. Mostly because there are things i just don't feel like discussing, i just want to share but not have to questioned, or get funny looks. Truth is there's nothing i'd write on my blog that would surprise anybody that really knows me, but i like the "freedom" that anonimity provides.

    I love that somehow i've managed to cultivate some really wonderful relationships via this platform. And some of these relationships are even more valuable because they were born from just ideas/thoughts shared and not physical looks. If that makes any sense.

  15. Great Post Ginger! This past month I’ve really struggled with the desire to fashi this whole anonymous thing but reality makes it difficult. Reality that I am a nigerian who writer about my marriage and the reality that the nigerian community can be quite vicious. After a long self reflection session, I came to a conclusion; I may not be anonymous forever but the day i become known is the day I close my blog

  16. Like how you wrote: is it really necessary???
    Whatever works for you.

  17. So love this post....
    And its a decision that only the blogger can make...to reveal or not to reveal...
    I am semi annonymous as a lot of my friends read my blog (I shared it with them when I first started) but other than that...the question remains...Inspired by the teen series Gossip Girl...
    "Who am I? Thats one secret I'll never tell ... xoxo Gospel Girl" lol ;-)

  18. I came to read this again cos it's that good. I've had the should I be anonymous or not internal struggle several times and seeing that I've not yet revealed myself suffice it to say that I'm not comfortable revealing who I am, at least not yet. BUT I know several people know who I am and sometimes it makes me guarded but like you I told a couple of people about the blog, like my ex but he didn't seem interested so…

    Long and short, to each his/her own.

  19. Your name isn't Ginger? Really? Darn.

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