Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ending 2013 with Praise, To Be Continued 2014!

Hello Blogfam, How did the Yuletide Season go for you? Hope it was a time of reconciliation, reunion and joyful times in church and with family and friends for you.

I've been keeping secrets from you Blogfamily.

Remember my first post of last year 'Grateful'? Remember this bit:

"My 2013 pact with God is that I am going to have a baby. All I ask is that He sends the perfect accessories. Amen!"

Well, when God wants to answer prayers, He really does it, and perfectly too.

Something borrowed (Edo bride beads), Something bumpy :)

The Igbankwu requirements. Them yams were almost as tall as me!

I had a big smile throughout the day. lol

Mom and Dad bless Us

I'm going to remove the pictures later today. Hope you understand. Please do not repost any pix without my expressed agreement.

Will write about how it all went down in next post. I am also happy to answer questions from blog readers if any :).

But more than anything Come praise God with me!!!!!.


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