About Ginger

Dear Reader!

Recently, I modified my blog header design to reflect a little more of me and what my blog is about. 

1. Ginger loves movies. Having an outlet to review them is an added pleasure.

2. Ginger is a Nigerian specifically nwa ada Igbo.

3. Ginger is an activist albeit a reluctant one. Reluctant because it would be a lot easier to say, "It isn’t happening to me, why should I care?". But I care. About gender violence be it sexual abuse, sexual harassment, domestic violence, maternal health or stigma. And cos I care, I write.

4. Ginger loves reading. My standard refrain is “Too many books, So little time”.

5. Ginger loves cookies. I came about the name Ginger cause of my love for Fox's Ginger cookies..lol. I’m over that love now but the name stays.

6. Ginger loves dogs and dreams of having at least two (A Spaniel and llhasa Apso). 
He must love tolerate dogs. The Back Up plan isn’t my favourite romcom but it reminds me of the crazy things we put these lovely animals through and the things they do out of love for us.

7. Ginger is Christian and Catholic. I'm not sure the Pope will be happy with some of my views...thankfully he is not coming across this blog anytime soon :).

8. Ginger reads the news cause she cares about what is going on around the world.
9. My motto: To be a Change Catalyst.
10. I am a Feminist. Unashamedly. That’s a picture of Susan B. Anthony the American civil rights leader. Her definition of feminism “Men, their rights, and nothing more; women, their rights, and nothing less  is a credo more women should embrace.

11. Ginger is a sappy romantic. The Prostitute and the WallStreet Topshot (Pretty woman), Avatar, Carrie and Big (Sex and the City) are all time favourites for me. 

*To those who think romance is incongruous with feminism, I say pooo!  

You can read more about me here 

You can contact me at ginger@mak2chi.com  


  1. I don't know if you are aware of it but your email is not working. i have been trying to get across to you to no avail.

  2. hiya,
    so sorry about that. I only noticed that recently. do try gingersnapsaman (at) gmail.com

  3. I officially love your description of Pretty Woman!

  4. Just out of interest... Is your real name Ginger 'cos if so; cool, if not , I mean you're not exactly ginger so how did you get that name? You see, I'm ginger and sometimes I forget my real name because I am mostly called Ginger... wait... is your name Samantha???

  5. Oh wait... skim reading again... ginger cookies, oh I get it, man those are gooood biscuits!!

  6. I just found out about you darl thru Myne Whiteman. I like you and your blog because you both exude fun like moi...My blog url is http://www.frediliadtruthuncensored.blogspot.com/ I am D Truth Uncensored; it is my personal blog. You can check me out anytime. It's amazing to meet another interesting blogger!



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