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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bursting out; A Private Storm

So I spent this weekend past watching movies with my friend who is a girl (you see, since my post where I mused about lesbian marriage, my RL friends who read this blog now wag their eyebrows whenever I mention girlfriends. You see how stigmatization starts? Please allow me to come out by myself na. Don’t force my hand pls.

Anywayz Chiz is a Nollywood fan, and is trying her best to indoctrinate me. Mba! Mba! Not happening anytime soon. The only good thing is knowing my dislike for bad scripts, she makes sure she shows me the really passable ones. So I watched these two:

BURSTING OUT – starring Genevieve Nnaji, Nse Ikpe Etim, Majid Michel, Omoni Oboli
This was a chick flick about this career lady, Zara (Genevieve) who her married best girlfriends were trying to hitch up. On a Valentine day blind-date she mistook the wrong guy for the right guy and fell in love…..only to find out that Mr Wrong guy-right guy was a courier guy a.k.a professional okada driver. Can their romance survive the class difference?

I loved the whole idea of a chickflick from Nollywood (bear in mind that I think “Keeping Faith" is the best chick flick from Nolly’s stable) and "Bursting Out" had a lot going for it:
A beautiful and polished cast, simple story line, good character definition (at least for the main acts).
Zara’s snooty girlfriends were a perfect foil for the boring scenes from office. Their verbal cat fights got me loling. Yep, that reminded me of how long term friends can be around each other.
The tension and fights between the lovers were well executed. Script was well written, mostly: I remember the question Tyron asked Zara after she found out about his ‘lower class’ occupation, “Zara, what is the problem? What do you have an issue with? The truth or the lie? Loved it!! Quotable quotes from Nollywood? Times are changing.

Urghh: Of course there will be urghh. You can only go so far with chick flicks even in Hollywood.
#Zara was supposedly an avowed career woman. A consultant. If consultant stands for shuffling a lot of papers and going to parties then she was a helluva a good one. Lols. 
#Tyron’s role was complexly simple- ex-footballer, alleged rapist, courier guy…..smh.
##And just when I thought the movie was a true Nollywood makeover, there came the ex-girlfriend from hell called Ibiere whom I shall call “the addendum that spoilt the broth”. She had no place in that movie…well, maybe if they had muzzled her in some parts. She was such a horrible blip on the scenery. Like rubbing paper on metal. Icky!
#There were some disjointed scenes and verbal exchanges that made no sense literally - even though the syntax was I had to pause the movie, repeat the sentence to myself and think…’but that sentence makes absolutely no sense??!’ LOL
#Is it me or why do African men in African movies look pained during romantic situations? Like when they are pleading undying love to their ladies, why do they always look like they are sucking lemons?.. just wondering.
Ginger scores it 6.2/10

A PRIVATE STORM-starring Ramsey Nouah, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, John Dumelo and please what is the name of Zara's friend?

It is little wonder Omotola and Genevieve remain on top of their game as Nollywood’s best actresses. They really do sound scripts!
In the wake of all the talk about domestic violence, this movie touched me. From the second act, I knew what the movie was going to be about and I was already bleeding for Geena.

Vivian Ejike (story writer cum screenplay-writer cum casting director cum producer), I must confess did her homework well. Kudos!!
She got the profile of an abuser to a T. Serenade her with loving words, abuse her when the doors close, more gifts, more forgiveness, beat her some more. The I swears, I promise, I love yous, forgive me, the admission of anger, the blaming, the without you I will die.

This movie reminded me again, that it is easy to see the lies and deceit when you are outside in the light (like how we bloggers are berating those stuck in their violent marriages). For the partner inside the storm, it can be an emotional roller coaster ride. When he is good, he is very very good. but when he is bad, he is horrid. We are human and our first instinct is to want to forgive. It is not so much about the expensive gifts but the loving heart that you think is behind it.
Ramsey Noah was purrfectly cast. It was almost like watching a Mr. Jekyll and Hyde. Whenever he is on the screen, I tense up not knowing what to expect for Zara’s sake. Honey or stings. Love or war. Gifts or fists.
Omotola was alright too. Her role didn't have as much range. A lot of sullen silences. but she played it well. I loved! loved! her pretty dark friend, Uju. What's her real name please? I love her big eyes, lips and lilting voice. 
The twist in the end was very interesting. How the viewer was made to empathise with the abuser......thumbs up Vivian! 
Ginger scores it 8/10

There were 2misses I noted!
A personal one from me – a wish that the setting wasn’t soo high class. Many people would think the gifts are sufficient to cushion the abuse...
Secondly on a humor level, why doesn’t Nollywood ever want to spend money on content? With all the violent energy in Ramsey, it would have been realistic to see him trash things in the house but the most violent thing he did was smash a wine bottle/glass, LOL. Like when Geena locked herself inside the bathroom, I thought he would kick down the door (the alternative of locking her in was brilliant actually).
Guess the owner of the house gave them a stern 
Like my brothers will say..grab your own copy now!!!

p.s. Have you completed the "SICKLE CELL STUDY HAVE YOUR SAY" questionnaire? What are you waiting for? Please do so now.  At least when I rejoice over getting my degree you will know say your hand dey there, lol. 
"Oya, pless your cursor on the link" Msugh, Daalu, Imeela, Oshe, Eshe, Nagode!!!!

p.p.s who knows Menaukodoisready's email address?? I think my Blogger-friend needs some love right now, whether she thinks so or not.


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