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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Much Ado about Reality TV

Happy November, People!

So this past month I’ve become an avid TV viewer, from Nickjnr to PressTV to Reality TV.... the bane of the new millennium. Seriously, how do we justify this watching of other people’s intimate life...boring other people if we consider the likes of 'The only way is Essex' and 'Made in Chelsea'. There’s something voyeuristic about it. and I don’t think its healthy.

Anyway let me bore y'all with my observations of some of them. Pls chime in with your observations too.

CNN/BBC: Its amusing to note that the news is all about ‘what’s happening in Libya, Syria, Africa meanwhile your own backyard is on fire. Yeah I ‘m talking about BBC and CNN downplaying the Anti-capitalist youth movements in America and the UK, the brutality and use of excessive force by the police while screaming about happenings on the other side of the world. Talk of Two facedness. It seems Ukraine and Italy civilians have also joined the protest in their respective countries. On an aside, Nigerian youths how far? 

NTA (Nigeria's national TV): Sigh. I don't know where to start. The news is as stale as the audio,  background, presenters ....except Ifeanyi Okafor. I miss the hay days of Yinka Craig, Sienne Razaq, Hauwa etc.

X-factor: I love music. I love the concept of discovering new talent. Susan Boyle was my inspiration for 2009. But, when I see teenage/barely out of their teens Xfactor hopefuls whining on and on with kohl streaking down their face about 'how this is what they’ve dreamt of all their life'….I feel like slapping the taste outta of their ambition-less mouths.

I know viewers think he is the joke for 2011, but I like Johnny Robinson. He has an amazing voice and is funny to boot. Frankie on the other hand needs a comb…I can’t tell you how much I hate his hair. And the tight jeans. And the make up. That he is still there while Sophie Habibas (sue me, i know the spelling is wrong) is out indicates the demography of X factor voters: Dumb females who need the police to confiscate their hand sets for texting under hormonal influence!

 Still on X-factor – I think the US Xfactor Judges are a more credible bunch than the UK. I dont know what Simon was thinking when he picked that diva bunch (Gary and Louis included). Kelly you are my girl and I totally agree that what Louis and Tulisa did to MishaB was uncool (Heck MishaB has now been branded a bully by the internet which is unfair in a competition which can be won or lost based on the voting public's fickle perception); but you going into super diva mode and abandoning your charges didn't help either.

Kiddie's TV: I watched several episodes of Ben 10 for the first and last time. My conclusion: Ben 10 is over rated and totally inappropriate for 2-8yr olds who alarmingly are the most enthusiastic about it.

I like Nick Jnr programmes…my favourites are Olivia(she's such a fashionista) and Peppa Pig. I hum Peppa pig’s theme song in my head sometimes. I don’t mind Fireman Sam too. I love the fact that one of the characters Mike Molly or something has an inter-racial marriage. We’ve come a long way!

Big Brother: Who agrees with me that BB has lost its raison d’etre? The producers are determined to milk it for all its worth though and they keep adding annoying twists. Eg if you've been watching BB UK, you'll agree with me that bringing Jem, Faye’s sister into the house just ruined the game for Faye and Aaron which was unfair. I mean I understand the protective big sister bit, but Jem should have understood there was a prize to be won and kept her meddling opinions to herself. 

I love Two and a half men. More like I used to love Two and a half men till they ousted Tiger blood Charlie and replaced him with Lamb blood Ashton. Dear Ashton! What Demi Moore sees in that young man I don’t know. Maybe I am mistaken. Hope so.

The Bachelor: The females who parade themselves in The Bachelor have set back the campaign of feminists by 50 years. How can someone’s sole ambition be 'to be patted and fondled and picked out like a prize cow in a farmer’s market'?

The Bachelor has also confirmed the belief of 'rent a bride consultants' like Patti Stinger; that rich men love their women blonde, biddable, giggly and pretty... just like Carrianne. For those who thought Layla should have been picked, when she told Gavin that she has a mind of her own she sealed her fate.
And as for the homely Latvian girl (she was booted off earlier) who confessed to Gavin that she's been keeping her virginity for 'The One'..Wowsa!! Darling, virginity is not considered a price by the English. When the Bachelor is an Arab Sheikh, apply again.

But despite my dislike for all that The Bachelor stood for, when Gavin choose Carrianne in the end, despite her rumored bad behavior and that dreadful squeaky voice etc I was forced to accept that when a man falls in lust/love, he is blind to all faults....mostly. I had initially thought Gavin was being too wishy washy, but looking back now, if i am to believe his confession of love to Carianne was not scripted by the Producers, then its likely Gavin had chosen her from the beginning and the eliminations only helped him confirm his choice, do you get me? Or maybe I’m just a hopeless romantic.

Who is sick of TV?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gingery newsroundup

And the Tea bagger’s pet goes home
Well, ABC should be happy with the 24 million viewers who took out their time to watch Dancing with the Stars finale. Bristol infamousity must have riled viewers enough to make them sit up and watch and gun for Jennifer Grey (no pun intended though I hope conscientious viewers wore bullet proof vests. Who can tell, some other angry Wisconsin man might have just come with a gun).
I was never really a Dancing with the Stars fan. Haven’t watched TV in ages. I only got a wind of it over the brouhaha last week when my favourite R n B star Brandy got voted off. Brandy is one teen to adult artiste who has managed to maintain her goody two shoe image (No drugs, no prison, no pregnancy, no divorce, no bankruptcy). I just love her for that!!!!and I am glad she gave a great account of herself at DWTS, Bristol or no Palin. msheeew
Here’s saying a warm Congratulations to Jennifer Grey.  You have confirmed it  – Life begins at Fifty!!!!

Of engagements and jinxed rings..
Prince William announced his engagement to Kate Middleton. (Old news I know). A reporter says their story reminds us of childhood fairytales and princess fantasies? I guess they were intimating that she wasn’t of royal pedigree. Hello?? Like he had plenty pretty pedigreed young females available to choose from.
But I am looking at their pictures and they look so radiant, even after 2 years of cohabitation….they must really be in love. And that is the only thing that warms this cynical heart. I wish them well. And please can we quit the rumors of her engagement ring being jinxed. Come on people, stop the hate!

Wrong move, Jessica
Jessica Simpson gets engaged a week after her ex-husband got engaged. Is it a contest? First, I didn’t know she and Nick Lachey were divorced!!! What rock have I been hiding myself….. again? I am only interested in this story cause Hollywood held Jessica up as this role model teenagers should aspire to because she saved herself for marriage. I wonder what they are saying now…….cos If she were my daughter I’d slap the taste outta her mouth if she did something as silly as this. Not only does rumor have it that she dished out a parting gift of N10m to Nick but rumor also has it that the new fiancĂ© doesn’t have an income. Do you see the same dollar signs he is seeing? Gosh, now it’s really confirmed she’s a dumb blonde.

Who pays for these Studies???
1.       Researchers have now discovered how cats drink water.
2.       Another study has also unraveled the Physics behind the wet dog shake.
For the latter, one of the justifications I hear is that it could lead to new innovations in Drying machines. Yeah right. I can just imagine the tagline -  a Drying machine that dries just like Rosco does!!

Amazon et tu?
Amazon has been accused of selling books promoting sexual exploitation of children. Books include "The Pedophile's Guide to love and pleasure"and videos depicting pre-pubescent Eastern European and Asian girls, some of whom are nude. They are listed for sale on Amazon in the U.S. and Japan. 
In their defense, Amazon claims it is censorship not to sell certain books simply because we or others believe their message is objectionable. "Amazon does not support or promote hatred or criminal acts, however, we do support the right of every individual to make their own purchasing decisions”.
The activists who want to fight Amazon or the publishers might have a tough job of it making a legal action stick cause it’s mainly pictures.
The point is even if there’s a lack of sexual abuse in the imagery, if photos focus on sexual aspects of a child then it is wrong!!! I hope people stop using them just to register their displeasure. For such a large company, it beats me that they can’t understand what being responsible is..… eejits!.

A Tragic Love Story…
An 86 yr old man who is suspected of blowing a hole through the head of his wife of 70 yrs has been taken into custody by the police.
A wife he had been visiting thrice a day, feeding and bathing her since she became increasingly senile. Rather heartbreaking cause he probably thought it was mercy killing.
But the law doesn’t work that way does it? And really where would the world be if we took the laws into our hands like that. But I can also imagine the tragedy of seeing your wife become someone unrecognizable. Someone who mightn’t even recognize you anymore. Where’s the joy of growing old together? It must have been pretty depressing. If the police hadn’t come to take him, I am almost sure he would have hastened to join her artificially or naturally. Lets spare a prayer for this old man. He did wrong but let’s focus on the motive behind it. It was love.

And to cheer you up…
And I just had to share this sweet video about the soldier who surprises his sons with an early return from Afghanistan.
Sometimes I really love msnbsc news.



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